Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th July

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June Doodle-zine submissions open plus music videos, tours and album reviews galore
Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June

Othello invites you to explore the music and that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…

We hope you had a good weekend and looking forward to a week of Wimbledon Showers/Rain – is it the bouncing tennis balls that encourages water from the skies? The good news is we can stay in the dry and listen to lots of music, watch some amazing video’s and read some thought-provoking stories. Just a quick reminder – Wednesday 30th June – the first edition of Doodle-zine we are excited, nervous and in panic mode, well she is I am munching on a biscuit.
Thank you for the coffee and treats. Lots of music and video’s for you to explore this week. You can buy the hoomans coffee or treats for me by clicking the cute mauve coffee cup Thank you very much in advance.

This week’s highlights include – Robert Jon and the Wreck, Royal Blood, TBelly, Caitlin Koch, Smith & Kotzen, Jesicca Lynn plus the June Reviews & Interviews


Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June

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Heads up Submissions for Issue 2 Open on the 1st July Watch for the announcement.


Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 24th May

Bluesdoodles is looking for reviewers, opinion writers for the blog and the first issue of Doodle-zine – for more information on how to volunteer your precious time email Liz our editor-in-chief at liz@bluesdoodles.com

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June

Bluesdoodles thoughts on the first single and title track from the new album Shine a Light on Me Brother: The music hits you like a warm southern storm of attitude. The horns herald the first lesson from Robert Jon and the Wreck forthcoming album. We are listening brother Jon to the message you are bringing – we need this song of hope wrapped in the healing soul of gospel. We can step up – move on – confront the challenges that we face and dance the night away with Robert Jon and The Wreck as they Shine a Light on Me Brother and we kick out with confidence.
A superb, uplifting tempter as we look beyond the Pandemic – Excited to hear the whole album and catch them live on tour this Autumn. More

Robert Jon & The Wreck are back and ready to tear up the UK and Europe all over again with their new record, Shine A Light On Me Brother. The impressive new album, written and recorded during the COVID pandemic, and self-produced by Robert Jon & The Wreck, and will be released on Friday September 3, 2021
The title track Shine A Light On Me Brother, released as a single on Friday, June 25th. Pre-save the single on Spotify and pre-order the album HERE
While we wait for the new album book your tickets for the forthcoming tour from Alttickets – Planet Rock Robert Jon and the Wreck

ROYAL HUNT announced a re-issued version of their 2005 studio album “Paper Blood” as a double LP and a newly designed digipak. Message from the band on their Facebook page“Hey all! It´s finally summer: the sun is shining, ice cubes becoming a necessity, drinks are getting larger and even (some of) the musical entertainment is slowly but surely coming back… so let us add a little bit to all that goodness: Paper Blood ” is getting a re-release treatment. Yep, that´s right, you can go to our webshop and check it out for yourself – see, summer just got a tiny little bit more exciting!” Both are collector’s and limited editions which include bonus tracks as well as extended booklets – can be pre-ordered HERE

Caitlin Koch releases ‘So Different Now’, the second in a heartfelt, gritty weaving story of releases to come during 2021. Watch below or Listen HERE

Read the conversation Liz had with Caitlin HERE

Let’s Turn This Place Into a Roadhouse Shouts Jessica Lynn with her line dance video. Now put your best foot forward! Before her tour starts!!

Watch the video, learn the dance steps – ready, steady, go read for the tour. Read All About It HERE

TBelly announces the release of the new single ‘I Never Want To See Me Again’ which is out 16th July 2021 and the title track from the forthcoming album out on 8th October 2021.
This powerful track features the original bass player with the Alice Cooper group Dennis Dunaway and is sure to appeal to rock and blues audiences alike. 
I Never Want To See Me Again’will be available via Bandcamp and all major digital outlets.
Russell tells us about the track: “‘I Never Want To See Me Again’ was written after I watched a Muse show on the TV. I really like the short riffs they play in between some of the songs. So I wrote one of my own and over time it turned into a song. When I write lyrics they are either specifically about something or just non-sense lyrics. My non-sense lyrics are the type of lyric that leaves the meaning massively open to interpretation. I Never Want To See Me Again’ falls into the non-sense lyric category so even I am not quite sure what it means.  Although usually, buried in there somewhere is the actual truth of what I am banging on about.

‘Solar Fire’, released on June 25th is the fourth single from Adrian Smith & Richie Kotzen’s critically acclaimed debut project, Smith/Kotzen which was released globally through BMG on March 26th and immediately became a Top 20 album chart success in the UK. The song features Adrian’s fellow Iron Maiden bandmate, Nicko McBrain on drums. Read Tom Dixon’s full review HERE

The accompanying video was shot in Los Angeles in April where Richie and Adrian sang and performed together in the same room for the first time since recording the album in Turks & Caicos back in January 2020. The resulting visual chemistry showcases two world class guitarists who perfectly complement each other, coupled with a stellar drum & bass line-up. The result: a punchy, powerful visual and audio experience which makes you long to see this group play live.


Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews June 2021

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June

Muldaur plays Let’s Get Happy Together with Tuba Skinny If you love jazz-jug-blues, you will love this impeccably performed update to a classic sound…if you’re not so keen, it will still provide a smile and a dance whenever a track comes up on shuffle. Read the full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June

Toto Pandemic Concert released with help from Friends! Creating a wonderful live album capturing a band on form doing ‘not just the hits’. Read the full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June

Johnny Never recreates the Blue Delta a great listen, especially for the dazzling guitar skills on display throughout a very authentic blues album. Read the full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Read the conversation between Liz and J Lee from The Hoodoo Skulls HERE

Donna Herula Resonates with a Bang At The Door a wonderful resonator and bottleneck led blues album that with repeated listens reveal the layers of blues past, present and future Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Matt Backer celebrates Backernalia The key word in summing this album up is fun…there are many smiles to travel across the fifteen tracks Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Matthew Robb attests to a War Without Witness a wonderful album of (not too) Dylanesque troubadour with some tasty blues woven through. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Sons Of Liberty show their hand on Aces and Eights a wonderful album of heavy British rock shot through with bourbon, grits and gravy! Well worth a listen and then a buy. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Kelly’s Lot know Where And When to find the blues a Wonderful bluesy album that will always be welcome. There is warmth, bite, and emotion flowing through…well worth adding to any collection. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Oliver Wakeman and Clive Nolan tell Tales By Gaslight Wonderful, progtastic set that, if you have the originals, brings a more revealing listen; if you don’t have them and like Six Wives etc. then you need these…disc three to both parties is also a must. Read the Full Tom Dixon review HERE

Quinn Sullivan is Wide Awake playing Superb Music what a wonderful album full of interest. With skilful instrumentation, and interpretation creating an album that is a cocktail of styles the mix is perfectly balanced. Read the Full Liz Aiken review HERE

J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls bare their Beggars Soul A wonderful album that will always lift the spirits and put a smile on your face. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Cheap Trick new album lives In Another World a wonderful album chock full of the expected pop-rock masterpieces they deliver time after time and still, somehow, sound fresh. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Joe Bonamassa Now Serving: Royal Tea Live at the Ryman These are mesmerising versions, sparkling with energy and brilliant ensemble playing. I’m not sure it gets any better than is. An essential addition to your collection. Read Simon Green’s Review HERE

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