Gov’t Mule says Bring On The Music Live

Gov’t Mule says Bring On The Music Live

Gov’t Mule says Bring On The Music Live Bring On The Music – Live At The Capitol Theatre cajoles you under the web of musically magic that the wizard –in-chief; Warren Haynes excels. For every fan of the band there will be tracks that set them alight with pure ecstasy.

Recorded over two Nights at The Capitol Theater New York Out 28th June 2019

The combination of double CD and DVDs of Gov’ t Mule performing Live At The Capitol Theatre celebrating twenty-five years of being a band that entertains and sends shivers of pure delight with every note played and lyric sung is a sure-fire winner as they Bring On theMusic.

Warren Haynes is upfront and full of the energy and verve that gives the band an edge over the rest of the pack.  The collection is a MUST for fans of Gov’t Mule as they capture the time they have spanned on stage and in the studio for everyone to enjoy at home.  As your speakers light up and raise the beat you can immerse yourself in the music that flows from one track to another. Along with the DVD directed by Danny Clinch you can bring a Gov’t Mule live show of over two hours including interviews and behind the scenes footage all to watch in your home! The one thing that is missing is the heat and energy rolling off the stage across the venue, you lose that anticipation of seeing a band play the music you love live when all you have to do is click a button! That said this is the best that it can be in replicating the charismatic, awe-inspiring sound of the band playing live that you can get. Thanks to the 9-camera video shoot across the two nights they played a favourite Mule venue The Capitol in Port Chester New York on April 27th & 28th 2018. The review will concentrate on the Double CD as though the show is important that is captured on the DVD; I know that it is the album I return to most frequently.

This is a collection of songs that will be returned to time and time again.  They have captured the journey they have taken us on for the last twenty-five years; whilst the album may not find new fans it will please so many to have live versions of songs from their last album Revolution Come Revolution Go and back through the years. This is Gov’t Mule pure and simple, no special guests just the four playing the music we love to hear played.

Opening appropriately with Travelling Tune the music starts us on a trail of gems across eighteen tracks with more to further excite on the DVDs. There will be personal favourites missed off but with such a vast back catalogue that is only to be expected. The review dips into the music leaving you to explore the rest, you will not be disappointed.  Tonight’s rendition of Railroad Boy was Sublime. The Mule was stamping out the beats tonight with a swirling mix of fury and despair the love that shines through the haunting grief bottled and shared for our listening pleasure.  Followed by the Mule what a double now we are infused with the deep funky bass lines and the slide guitar adding layers of texture. The heat is driving the night on it; Warren Haynes’ guitar solos are always special and not one disappoints across this magnificent collection. The band show their skills as they slow down the pace change to mood with Beautifully Broken, bluesy, warmth and we connect with the band on stage.  The deep melodic flow reflects the warmth of Warren’s vocals.

There are so many highlights as I think about the music it plays on and now we have Stone Cold Rage, one of the six tracks from Revolution Come and Revolution Go; live it has that extra dimension, an urgency a sense of purpose to the anger. The vocals, guitar, keys and rhythm section work together to create a wall of delicious sounds.  The title track of their latest album, has a depth that makes the studio version feel as if it is a mere warning of revolutions ebbs and flows this version is in the heart of the action it is hot that hot.  The drumming and fuzzy tones that pull you into Thorns of Life with the buzz of the audience takes you to that special place that Gov’t Mule takes you when they play live.

No live show with Warren Haynes in the mix will not have a jam, they work so well as you are absorbed into the atmosphere. On the album we have a triplet of numbers Trane – Eternity’s Breath and St Stephen for seventeen minutes your speakers are catapulted deep in the inner musical minds of the band as they shape and reshape the tones and textures. The rhythms flow as the keys and guitar pick up the pace in an aural dance. It works providing you cut off the world around you and let the music be the centre of your thoughts becoming an integral part of your inner soul. Other parts of the double album work better on shuffle play as you have to be in the mood for your mind to jam with the boys.   

Live albums are not my favourite but this bucks the trend, and I know many a night will pass listening and watching this superb band strut their stuff majestically as they play Live at The Capitol Theatre. This collection truly reflects the music of a band that jams and builds you into a frenzy then calms you down with a twirl as the beat and intensity calms into a deep soul searching intensity.  The music is a swirling mix of texture, tones and genres formed in the cauldron of musicality that defines the Gov’t Mule special sound. Bring On The Music – Live At The Capitol Theatre cajoles you under the web of musically magic that the wizard –in-chief; Warren Haynes excels.  For every fan of the band there will be tracks that set them alight with pure ecstasy.

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Gov’t Mule – Bring On The Music – Mascot Label GroupBuy Your Copy HERE


2CD/2DVD – 2CD is concert 1 and 2DVD is concert 2 – both have different setlists – Audio released digitally as Bring On The Music – Live at The Capitol Theatre – Part 2

2CD standalone is the audio of the 2DVD – Audio released digitally as Bring On The Music – Live at The Capitol Theatre – Part 1

Blu-ray is the same as 2DVD.

2LP Volume 1 (purple LP) and Volume 2 (Blue LP) are both mixed song selection of tracks from the concerts.

For both 2LPs Mascot releases a web exclusive marble edition – Limited to 1000 copies each.



  1. Hammer & Nails
  2. Thorazine Shuffle
  3. Larger Than Life
  4. Forsaken Savior
  5. Broke Down On The Brazos
  6. Endless Parade
  7. Lola Leave Your Light On
  8. Blind Man In The Dark
  9. Raven Black Night


  1. Traveling Tune (alternate version)
  2. Stone Cold Rage
  3. Whisper In Your Soul
  4. Little Toy Brain
  5. Trane > Eternity’s Breath > St. Stephen (jam)
  6. Pressure Under Fire
  7. Fool’s Moon
  8. Revolution Come, Revolution Go (alternate version)
  9. Bring On The Music



    Traveling Tune (part 1)

    Railroad Boy


    Beautifully Broken

    Drawn That Way

    The Man I Want To Be

    Funny Little Tragedy > Message In A Bottle > Funny Little Tragedy

    Far Away

    Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother

    Mr. Man


    Life Before Insanity

    Thorns Of Life


    Revolution Come, Revolution Go

    No Need To Suffer

    Dreams & Songs

    Time To Confess


    World Boss

    Bring On The Music

    Traveling Tune (part 2)

    Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

    Bonus DVD content

    Soulshine video

    Traveling Tune video (Warren Haynes solo

    Plus rare photos by Danny Clinch of the band through the years

    Gov’t Mule says Bring On The Music Live

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