Gold Top New Album Delivered By The Milk Men

Another blues album delivered on our music platform doorstep with The Milk Men arriving with Gold Top a follow-up to Full Phat. The British blues continue to be delivered with a smile over the eleven bottles, no I mean tracks!

The band are producing the goods, this is a pint topped with unsurprisingly a rich layer of blues cream. With members from both The Mustangs and The Pirates, they know how to churn out quality track after track mixing up tempos and tones whilst still recognisable as The Milk Men.

Opening with the signature beat of the band the fusing of Dr Feelgood and ZZ Top there is a vibrancy this is a band that knows what they want to say and loving every note they play.  The guitar break from Adam is sweet and the drumming of Mike hits the mark. The opening track sets the tone of the album in Adam’s words “This album has a real identity. It is steeped in the vibe of classic British rock from the 70s, and it has a consistency and atmosphere that we can’t wait to play live on the road”.

This vibe continues with a twist in the title of Rag ‘N’ Bone Lady, the ten originals on the album all sparkle this is a milk round only supplying Gold Top sound through your speakers.  The third number This is The Last Time has an easy flowing feel with Jamie’s vocals giving the song an edge.  Co-written with legendary guitarist Mick Green it has the stamp of his power.

Now we are in the hands of The Operator, a Feelgood vibe that gets the feet tapping and you just want to clap, laugh and dance along.  The Milk Men are in control emphasised on Taking Control. This is blues that is full of warmth and takes us back with stinging guitar and vocals that hit the mark. The only cover on the album is Give Me Back My Wig. Hound Dog Taylor’s number is played with energy and the addition of harmonica sharpens the textures of this fast beating number.

Every track has had elements of British Blues format. Now we have a blues number that shimmers with a sparkling electric energy with Gimme Some Blues. Proving the depth of styles The Milk Men are comfortable and able to produce for your delight through your speakers!

Closing out the album they have decided that a gentle lyrical acoustic number Hard Woman To Love. Jamie’s vocals and Adam’s acoustic guitar work in seamless harmony as the story unfolds. The addition of female backing singers gives this number a greater depth than you would expect from the opening, and closing on a high with the gospel vibe captured.  The final number is quieter, refined and smooth setting the tone as we await the next offering from The Milk Men’s float of talent.

This is a must purchase for lovers of British Blues with the stamp of rock and delivered with authority. There may be no reworking of the recipe of British blues but then when something isn’t broke why change it. The Milk Men know that and play the style they love and will always be a welcomed by fans.


The Milk Men – Gold Top – SkyFire Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing 

  1. Shoot The Lights
  2. Rag ‘N’ Bone Lady
  3. This Is The Last Time
  4. The Operator
  5. Give Me A Reason
  6. Tambourine
  7. Taking Control
  8. Give Me Back My Wig
  9. Trouble
  10. Gimme Some Blues
  11. Hard Woman To Love

Band Members
Vocals – Jamie Smy
Guitars – Adam Norsworthy
Bass – Lloyd Green
Drums – Mike Roberts

Gold To New Album Delivered By The Milk Men

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