Find A Light Blackberry Smoke New Album Showing the Way

Back showing how we can Find A Light at the end of a musical tunnel with their sixth studio album. The quintet of country rockers are firing on all cylinders as they stir up country rock and grunge. This cook-up has produced thirteen new co-written tracks that are astonishingly good and varied. The sound has hidden depths and the lyrics create a scene that is easy to relate too.

Opening up with Flesh and Bones this country/rock band deliver an outpouring of inner grunge.  The chugging guitar riff is the perfect hook for the vocals to pour out the vocals. Flesh and Bones with every verse builds the intensity. The refrain “I am Just Flesh and Bone” reverberates on your musical map long after the last note has faded away. The Devil is called upon resulting in a devilishly good opening track leaving you desperate to hear the number live; luckily they are on tour very soon! About the collection, Starr tells us, “The new album is a melting pot of BLACKBERRY SMOKE music with a wide range of sound and emotion. I think it’s our most inspired work yet.”  As is their modus operandi, the band are set to spend most of the year on the road in support of Find A Light (these road dogs often play upward of 250 shows a year), with their first UK festival appearance of 2018 set for Ramblin’ Man Fair on the weekend of June 30th.

Every number has something to say a hidden surprise that makes you stop what you are doing and listen to the number. I will leave you to explore the album that makes me smile on the greyest wettest days.  Before you dive off to buy the album, these are the tracks that Bluesdoodles just had to play the keyboard warrior and air her opinion. Never judge an album in my opinion by the opening and title track (if there is one). It is often the second track that is the key in the quality and shape of the album. Is it picking up the theme and mood of the opener or taking you down a different musical path.  Run Away from It All takes on a Blackberry countrified rocking road as they open up the view on to a Vista where we can run away from it all. This is escapism. Brit Turner’s drumming crashes into the country stroll with style and determination this reality is no peach blossom and sunny days number. What a fantastic track it works on so many levels and is my favourite I think; opening up all the possibilities that the album promises and definitely delivers.

The tempo goes down a notch with the acoustic feel of Medicate My Mind. Fitting neatly into the flow of the album it is there for a reason as the lyrics dominate until the instrumental break, great sound and time to let the power of the vocals narrative sink in.

“I’m the darkness reaching for daylight, I’m a spring that needs to unwind, I’m a red blood everything all right, as long as I Medicate My Mind…” as the song explores complexities and the pain it causes. Medicate your mind with the music.

The three tracks with guests add yet another dimension I’ll Keep Ramblin’ featuring pedal steel of Robert Randolph and up-tempo backing vocalists we are now having a party.  We are drenched in a country ballad delivered with style and panache as Blackberry Smoke are joined by acclaimed violinist/singer-songwriter Amanda Shires featured on Let Me Down Easy. The final track of the album Mother Mountain features The Wood Brothers. They close the album with the exact opposite of the opening grungy number Flesh and Bones. Digging back in time to a distant cousin of grunge. This is a gentle number leaving you with a Blackberry Smoke caress of Folk that rocks.

The album Find a Light has shone brightly on the heavier side of Blackberry Smoke full of energy and the hat is always tipped to Country that is at the heart of a band that produces great music.  That you want to listen to not once, not twice but again and again. I recommend that you have the album on repeat to let the contours of the musical and lyrical landscape created sink deep into your musical DNA.

TENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Blackberry Smoke – Find A Light – Earache Records

Flesh And Bone (written by Charlie Starr)
Run Away From It All (written by Charlie Starr, Keith Nelson)
The Crooked Kind (written by Charlie Starr)
Medicate My Mind (written by Charlie Starr, Travis Meadows)
I’ve Got This Song (written by Charlie Starr)
Best Seat In The House (written by Charlie Starr, Keith Nelson)
I’ll Keep Ramblin’ feat. Robert Randolph (written by Charlie Starr, Robert Randolph)
Seems So Far (written by Charlie Starr, Travis Meadows)
Lord Strike Me Dead (written by Charlie Starr)
Let Me Down Easy feat. Amanda Shires (written by Charlie Starr, Keith Nelson)
Nobody Gives A Damn (written by Charlie Starr, Keith Nelson)
Till The Wheels Fall Off (written by Charlie Starr)
Mother Mountain feat. The Wood Bros (written by Charlie Starr)

Band Members
Charlie Starr: Frontman & Guitarist
Richard Turner: Bass & Vocals
Brit Turner: Drums
Paul Jackson: Guitar & Vocals
Brandon Still: Keyboards

Special Guests
Robert Randolph (I’ll Keep Ramblin’)
Amanda Shires (Let Me Down Easy)
The Wood Brothers (Mother Mountain).


Tour dates check out when the band that is always on tour hits a town or city near you HERE

Find A Light Blackberry Smoke New Album Showing the Way


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