Falling Red reveal their Lost Souls to Heavy Rock

Falling Red reveal their Lost Souls to Heavy Rock

Based in the rugged and beautiful county of Cumbria, Falling Red use a few different names to describe their brand of rock; “post-sleaze…playing a little country rock, some metal some sentimental ballads and sleaze”.  Whilst it is hard to disagree with that, I would say they are Skid Row, Motley Crue and a bit of Hanoi Rocks coupled with a dose of Judas Priest, but remind me most, I guess, of Little Angels. They are not hair metal, they are not heavy metal, rather they are a blend of the two and bring an edge to the hairy metal and polish to the heavy part. They’ve been together since 2006 and Lost Souls is their third album, released following a Pledge Music campaign. When you listen to it, the comments from the band actually start to make some sense as the album veers across the sub-genres throughout the album and each track is different from the preceding one.

It opens with the fifty seconds The Darkest Day, a spoken introduction over acoustic guitar. Then true track one, The Day I Lost My Soul, crashes in with a melodic metal song and the (almost obligatory) ‘whoah’ sing-along section. They chuck in a few ‘f’ words too but it is a decent song and a very decent solo to lift it well above average. Digital Disguise has the double bass drums and guitars doing a thrash tinged intro before it lightens just a little with a Priest style riff and the vocals veer from melodic thrash to true melody. Not my cup of tea, but the melody rescues it, as does the ‘wah’ solo and the clever use of harmonics in it. Alive is a rock riff driven track with an AOR feel and is actually stronger because of it. It also benefits from another well-crafted solo. Next up we get a sort of Poison meets Little Angels ballad called My Town My City, with an acoustic background and an irrepressibly catchy chorus. The lyrics will resonate with many people too and has some nice touches of humour behind the message.  A surprise comes with the good use of piano and a short solo adds to the atmosphere. Dead injects a little punk into the metal a la Michael Monroe. The out of phase vocals over the rapid drumming of the bridge leads to a much slower and melodic solo. Hell In My Eyes starts with thumping bass line behind a strong vocal pattern but it then, in my view, suffers from the thrashy chords that jar with the more straightforward approach of the rest of the song. War In The Sky is for drummers everywhere, as it allows Dave to ‘wig out’ as he moves through many different timings and runs. The rest of the band keeps pace and it is a good slice of true metal. Enemies are more Hanoi Rocks with its punk sensibilities as the lyrics ask “who needs enemies when I got friends like you”. Another acoustic led track, Beautiful Lie, takes the pace and vitriol down with an excellent vocal interpretation. The piano makes another brief appearance as ‘Rosie’ puts his heart on display and the last sixty seconds takes it electric and finishes off a tasty track well. Haunted is the next sing-along made for the audience to get their rocks off to…too. In My Head is back to strong metal structures, with its quality riff and bass backing and another audience opportunity to boot. A Song For The Haters wraps the album up with a sub-three-minute punk rock master class…except it adds the heavy rock sound and style to the punkish riff.

Overall this is a very good heavy rock album with plenty of light and shade to keep the interest levels high. There are no ‘eureka’ moments, just straight ahead rock played very well. It is worth a listen and, apart from a couple of ‘mmm’ moments, it comes across as a mostly a good time record which displays its roots proudly.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …


  1. The Darkest Day (Intro)
  2. The Day I Lost My Soul
  3. Digital Disguise
  4. Alive
  5. My Town, My City
  6. Dead
  7. Hell in My Eyes
  8. War in the Sky
  9. Enemies
  10. Beautiful Lie
  11. Haunted
  12. In My Head
  13. A Song for the Haters


Andrew Roze: vocals, lead guitar
Dave Sanders: drums, vocals
Mikey Lawless: bass, vocals
Shane Kirk: guitar, vocals

Recorded at Blast Studios, Newcastle and Stymphalian Productions, York.


Falling Red reveal their Lost Souls to Heavy Rock

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