Different Horizons Explored by Storm Warning

On their fourth album, Take Cover, the band had as many rocky covers as bluesy ones and with Different Horizons, Storm Warning wanted to move more into rock with the blues influence.

They grew up on 70’s rock and found the blues via this music so wanted an album and songs that on the whole gave a big nod to 70’s rock but still wanted it to sound fresh and be their sound. Although not exactly a concept album there is a theme of change running through the album and a story unfolds. All words are written by Stuart Maxwell and deals with the change that can happen in someone’s life when you’re not particularly expecting it. Can happen to anyone.

Horizons started off from wanting to do something on the bass like Mountain’s Nantucket Sleigh Ride but it evolved from this idea and grew legs of its own. Come On In started as a jam on Bodmin Moor where the band spent a few days honing the ideas for the album. They wanted to add a more bluesy track and this was the result. Questions started out as being an idea to play an early Free type groove, fairly slow, digging in and solid but then picked up speed and it’s own life. The bass line still sounds a bit Andy Fraser-esque.

The music for Long Road was completely written by Bob Moore (apart from the words) as a blues ballad. Call it Midlife is their attempt at a rocker but they couldn’t help themselves throwing in unusual chord changes. On Can’t Sleep For Dreaming you can hear the influence of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour’s slide playing. Bob was a fan of his playing where you don’t have to play fast to have great guitar lines. You can also hear slight Pink Floyd influence from the keyboard department on a couple of tracks. That’s good.

Stuart Maxwell felt that “This album for me was more exciting to write and make than the other four albums and I just felt we were getting to a place, particularly for me and Bob, where we found our calling. I just wondered what else was to come and now won’t be. However not bad for their swan song and something to be very proud of.”

Sadly, as a postscript, Bob Moore died suddenly and will never know how well received this CD will be received. Different Horizons out 6th November on Lightnin’ Fingers Records, buy direct from the band for immediate dispatch click here

Bluesdoodles rating: A Wonderful album Storm Warning, reaching for New Horizons and finding them in unexpected places

1. Horizons
2. Feeling Something
3. Stranger
4. Come On In
5. Tell The truth
6. Call It Midlife
7. Can’t Sleep For Dreaming
8. Long Road
9. Questions

Storm Warning are:
Stuart Maxwell – vocals and harmonica
Bob Moore – guitars
Derek White – bass
Ian Salisbury – keyboards
Russ Chaney – drums

Different Horizons Explored by Storm Warning
Different Horizons out 6th November on Lightnin’ Fingers Records
buy direct from the band for immediate dispatch click here

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