Burn It Down say Dead Daises Scorching Classic Rock Album

Burn It Down say Dead Daises Scorching Classic Rock Album

Burn It Down say Dead Daises Scorching Classic Rock Album Rip-roaring Classic rock full of rich guitar driving rhythms and superb vocals and lyrics. This is rock 'n' roll full of good vibes as tempo's ebb and flows and emotions are shared. Burn It Down is definitely a top drawer album that will be listened to for years to come a mainstay of your collection.

What a way to heat up a cold Spring as Burn It Down say The Dead Daisies Scorching Classic Rock Album. Now before I continue, I have like always tried to set biases aside. But I confess I love The Dead Daisies! In fact that made me listen to the follow-up to Make Some Noise with a degree of scepticism. I was going to be critical. Well, that lasted for about thirty seconds I was melting under the superb good time vibe of The Dead Daisies once again. I agree with Doug Aldrich’s view of the album when he said “The new Daisies album will melt your face! It is raw and in-your-face with a whole new sound” on their fourth studio album.

Opening with resurrected, the sound was full of energy, renewal and new band member Deen Castronovo on drums fitted into the sound perfectly.  John Corabi sang I am back resurrected and we were filled with pure joy the band were back with eleven track album that leaves you replete with Classic rock ringing in your ears. But never to overloaded to put the album on repeat. The Dead Daisies on Burn It Down have encapsulated using the power of rock the anger and frustration that many are felling at the moment. The frustration with governments the lack of action and Rise Up captures the feeling in just over four minutes. The searing guitar riffs and licks that shape the anger and rhythmic pounding of the drums combined the second track definitely has you hooked as The Dead Daisies sing Rise Up, wake up and see the reality of our actions.

The album has a theme that runs through, not in a sterile way, It never preaches first and foremost they are rockers that want the audience to have fun. But this is an album where the lyrics demand a reaction, demands that you hear the words being sung while mesmerised by the scintillating guitar and rhythms that captivate.  The title track is awesome starting with drums and vocals, quieter we are all taking a breather as John sets the scene vocal the guitar joins still low-key for the Daisies then the cymbals crash and the momentum builds. Sometimes title tracks disappoint not this time, will remain a favourite from the album on every listen.

This is music that has a rawness the guitars screech and bass from Marco picks up the rhythm and playfully deepens the sound. It is the lyrics throughout the album that are the glue that holds the sound together giving the music substance and form.  They never preach the raw mix and the inter-play ensures this is never a self-seeking introspective sound. It is good time rock ’n’ roll that lights up a room and excites the audience with every note. Yes, this rock harking back to the sixties and the grooves are deep in sharp picking up a bluesy tone. That said this is not rock blues it is Classic Rock that builds and expanded the sound that gave it birth the Blues. Judgement Day is an example of how classic rock borrows from the blues and makes the sound its own by re-shaping and expanding the tone.  The change in tempo slow the faster makes this thoughtful rock and another stand-out moment on the album.

Other highlights the slower bluesier number Set Me Free gives us all time to reflect and take a breath delivered with an emotional maturity, live on the road is never all laughs and smooth sailing, there will always be moments when grit makes your eyes cry and your heart filled with pain. This is the number that perfectly captures that feeling. Closing the album with Leave Me Alone, this high octane rocky number sets the speakers alight with power and energy set free. As the music fades the only solution Burn It Down again!

The album shines, burns brightly as in the studio they have distilled and kept to the fore the sound of The Dead Daisies performing live. You can feel the interaction that they will be having with the fans when they play the songs live.   Burn It Down say Dead Daisies Scorching Classic Rock Album, with the hard Core Fans the album is a no-brainer. They will purchase and rush to see the band on tour. This is an album for lovers of rock quality will always rise to the top and Burn It Down is definitely a top drawer album that will be listened to for years to come a mainstay of your collection.

TENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

The Dead Daisies – Burn It Down

THE DEAD DAISIES – BURN IT DOWN – will be released in the following formats:

• DigiPak CD with 12-page booklet and poster
• Gatefold Colored Vinyl with printed inner sleeves, 4-page poster booklet
and Audio CD in a paper sleeve
• Picture Disk Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve
• Digital Download & Streaming


  1. Resurrected
  2. Rise Up
  3. Burn It Down
  4. Judgement Day
  5. What Goes Around
  6. Bitch
  7. Set Me Free
  8. Dead And Gone
  9. Can’t Take It With You
  10. Leave Me Alone
  11. Revolution (bonus track)


Band Members
John Corabi – Vocals (Mötley Crüe, The Scream)
Doug Aldrich – Guitar (Whitesnake, Dio),
David Lowy –  Guitar (Red Phoenix, Mink)
Marco Mendoza – Bass (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy),
Deen Castronovo – Drums (Bad English, Journey) and

Recorded in Nashville with Marti Frederiksen at the helm
Mixing Anthony Focx – Mastering Howie Weinberg

Burn It Down say Dead Daises Scorching Classic Rock Album


UK (with special guests THE TREATMENT* & THE AMORETTES)


Sunday 8th                   Garage                         Glasgow, UK
Monday 9th                  Robin 2                        Bilston, UK
Tuesday 10th                Koko                            London, UK *
Thursday 12th              Academy 2                   Manchester, UK
Friday 13th                   Rock City                      Nottingham, UK *
Saturday 14th               Academy                      Bristol, UK *

EUROPE         (with special guests THE NEW ROSES)


Monday 16th                013                               Tilburg, NET
Tuesday 17th                Biebob                          Vosselaar, BEL
Wednesday 18th           Markthalle                    Hamburg, GER
Friday 20th                   Sticky Fingers               Gothenburg, SWE
Saturday 21st                Parkteateret                  Oslo, NOR
Sunday 22nd                Klubben                       Stockholm, SWE
Tuesday 24th                Pumpehuset                 Copenhagen, DEN
Wednesday 25th           Rosenhof                      Osnabrueck, GER
Thursday 26th              Backstage Werk            Munich, GER
Friday 27th                   Barba Negra Track        Budapest, HUN
Sunday 29th                 Simm City                    Vienna, AUS


Tuesday 1st                  Thanks Jimi Festival     Wroclaw, POL
Thursday 3rd                Kesselhaus                   Berlin, GER
Friday 4th                     Schlachthof                  Wiesbaden, GER
Saturday 5th                 Live Music Hall            Cologne, GER
Sunday 6th                   Le Trabendo                 Paris, FRA
Tuesday 8th                  Z7                                Pratteln, SWI
Wednesday 9th              Live Club                    Trezzo (Milan), ITA
Friday 11th                   Zentral                         Pamplona, SPA
Saturday 12th               Mon                             Madrid, SPA

Burn It Down say Dead Daises Scorching Classic Rock Album


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