2021 – Recorded Music Reviews

2021 - Recorded Music Reviews - one-hundred and sixty-five albums reviewed Twenty-four rocked our boats achieving FIVE DOODLE PAWS

Stupendous  – 5 Doodle paws
Wonderful – 4 Doodle paws
Great Listening – 3 Doodle paws
Missed the Mark – 2 Doodle paws

The reviews are delivered by the Bluesdoodles team of reviewers, who carefully listen to the music before putting their thoughts on Bluesdoodles pages. The reviewers are Liz,  Tom, Simon, and guest contributors we are the Bluesdoodles team and love to share our thoughts on the music we are listening to.
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STUPENDOUS – 5 Doodle Paws
Jake Shimabukuro – Jake and Friends (Simon)
Bernie Marsden – Chess (Tom)
When Rivers Meet – Saving Grace (Tom)
Joe Bonamassa – Time Clocks (Tom)

JD SIMO – MInd Control (Tom)
Colin James Open Road (Simon)
Danny Bryant – The Rage to Survive (Tom)
Joanne Shaw Taylor – The Blues Album (Tom)
Eric Bibb – Dear America (Liz)
Chantel McGregor – Shed Sessions Vols 1 & ” (Tom)
Jo Harman – Live At Hideaway (Tom)
Bernie Marsden – Kings (Tom)
Joe Bonamassa – Royal Tea Live at the Rylands & DVD (Simon)
Blackberry Smoke – You Hear Georgia (Liz)
Rev Shawn Amos – The Cause Of It All (Tom)

Scott McKeon – New Morning (Tom)
Myles Kennedy – The ides of March (Liz)
When Rivers Meet – We Fly Free (Tom)
Arielle – Analog Girl in a Digital World (Simon)
Popa Chubby – Tinfoil Hat (Tom)
Saints and Sinners – Going Over Home (Liz)
Joanna Connor – 4801 South Indiana Avenue (Tom)
Troy Redfern – This Raging Heart (Tom)
Steve Hackett – Under A Mediterranean Sun (Liz)

WONDERFUL – 4 Doodle Paws
KK Hammond – The Curse of KK Hammond (Tom)
ED Brayshaw – Random Repeat (Tom)
Jimmy Regals and the Royals – A’int Done Yet (Simon)
Davy Knowles – What Happens Next (Tom)
The Kentucky Headhunters – That’s a Fact Jack (Tom)
Thorbjørn Risager and the Black Tornado – Best Of (Tom)
Tony Holiday – On The Porch Vol Two (Tom)
Georgia Thunderbolts – Can We Get A Witness (Tom)
Sue Foley – Pinky’s Blues (Tom)
Samantha Fish – Faster (Tom)
Fabrizio Grossi – Counterfeited Soulstice Vol 1 (Liz)
Trev Turley – Cherish (Tom)
Brian Setzer – Gotta Have The Rumble (Simon)
Blind Lemon Pledge – A Satchel Full of Blues (Tom)
Krissy Matthews – Pizza Man Blues (Tom)
Mick Pini – Backtrack (Tom)
Robert Jon and The Wreck – Shine A Light On Me Brother (Tom)
The Cold Stares – Heavy Shoes (Tom)
Sean Chambers – That’s What I’m Talkin’ About (Tom)
NWOCR – New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume 1 (Tom)
Mike Zito – Resurrection (Tom)
The Atomic 44’s – Volume 1 (Tom)
Altered Five Blues Band – Holler If You Hear Me (Tom)
Crobot – Ratchild (Tom)
Toto – With A Little Help From My Friends (Tom)
Donna Herula – Bang at the Door (Tom)
Matt Backer – Backernalia (Tom)
Matthew Robb – War Without Witness (Tom)
Sons of Liberty Aces and Eights (Tom)
Kelly’s Lot – Where and When (Tom)
Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman – Tales by Gaslight (Tom)
Quinn Sullivan – Wide Awake (Liz)
J. Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls – Beggars Soul (Tom)
Cheap Trick – In Another World Tom)
Alex Lopez – Rising Up (Tom)
Clarence Spady – Surrender (Tom)
Rebecca Downes – Stripped Back (Tom)
Downes Braide Association (DBA) – Halcyon Days (Tom)
The Damn Truth – Now or Nowhere (Tom)
Paul Gilbert – Werewolves in Portland (Tom)
James Oliver Band – Goofin’ Around (Tom)
Lisa Mann – Old Girl (Tom)
Trio Of Albums From Carlie Bedford – Good To Go; Paul Boddy – Friends of Tuesday; CD Woodbury – World’s Gone Crazy
Crooked Eyed Tommy – Hot Coffee & Pain; Eric Johanson – Below Sea Level; Dudley Taft – Cosmic Radio
Kirsten Thein – Two Sides (Tom)
Rev Freakchild – Bodhisattva Blues (Tom)
Rev Freakchild – Supramundane Blues (Tom)
Dumpstaphunk – Where Do We Go From Here (Simon)
Andy Cohen – Tryin’ To Go Home (Tom)
Steve Cropper – Fire It Up (Tom)
Tomslav Goluban – Express Connection (Tom)
Ben Poole & Guy Smeets – Acoustic Dup Live (Tom)
Jimmie Bratcher – I’m Hungry (Tom)
David Rotundo Band – So Much Trouble (Tom)
Tim Woods – Vortex (Tom)
Anthony Gomes – Containment Blues (Tom)
The Hitman Blues Band – It’s Not My Circus, Not My Monkey (Tom)
Zed Mitchell – Route 69 (Tom)
Trevor B. Power – What Is Real (Tom)
The Outlaw Orchestra – Powercut (Liz)
Smith-Kotzen – Smith-Kotzen (Tom)
Inglorious – We Will Ride (Liz)
Steve Lukather – I found The Sun (Tom)
TheBluesBones – Live on Stage (Tom)
John Diva and The Rockets of Love – American Amadeus (Tom)
Edenbridge – The Chronicles of Eden Pt. 2 (Tom)
Magnum – Dance of the Black Tattoo (Tom)
Suzi Quatro – Devil In Me (Tom)
Wily Bo Walker – Tales From The Mescal Canyon Troubadours (Tom)
Prog Collective – World on Hold (Tom)
Larkin Poe – Kindred Spirits (Simon)
Veronica Lewis – You Ain’t Unlucky (Tom)
Layla Zoe – Nowhere Left To Go (Tom)
DeWolff – Wolff Pack (Tom)
Katie Bradley & Pete Farrugia – Soho Heart
Avey Grouws Band – The Devil (Tom)
Lisa Mills – The Triangle (Tom)
Felix Rabin – Pogboy (Tom)
John Blues Boyd – What My Eyes Have Seen (Tom)
Bill Blue – The King of Crazy Town (Tom)
Skylar Rogers – Firebreather (Tom)
Layla Zoe – Retrospective Tour 2019 (Tom)
Alabama Slim – The Parlor (Tom)
Dennis Jones – Soft, Hard, Loud (Tom)
Trevor Bolder – To Sail The River (Tom)

GREAT LISTENING – 3 Doodle paws
Joseph Veloz and the Velozians (Tom)
Lady A – Satisfyin’ (Tom)
Malcolm Holcombe – Tricks of The Trade (Tom)
Patty Tuite – Consider This (Tom)
Miss Lady Blues – Moe Betta Blues (Tom)
Dionne Bennett – Sugar Hip Ya Ya (Tom)
Little G Weevil – Live Acoustic (Tom)
Rusty Ends Blues Band – Rusty Ends Blues Band (Tom)
Doc Dooley & Friends – Over Yonder (Tom)
Mark Pontin – Kaleidoscope (Tom)
Johnny Tucker – 75 and Alive (Tom)
Diane Durrett and Soul Suga – Put a Lid On It (Tom)
Teresa James – Rose Colored Glasses (Tom)
Chris BadNews Barnes – BadNews (Tom)
Elly Wininger – The Blues Never End (Tom)
The Porkroll Project – Papa Didn’t Raise Me Right (Tom)
Daniels & Miller & Marsh – What We Did (Tom)
Five Points Gang – Wanted (Tom)
Big Daddy Wilson – Hard Time Blues (Tom)
Joe Louis Walker – Eclectic Electric (Tom)
Starlite Campbell Band – Curiosity of Language (Tom)
Dig Lazarus – Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time (Tom)
Nola – Blues Collection Vol 3 (Tom)
Haley deVestern Band Live – Money Ain’t Time (Tom)
Mark Harrison – The Road To Liberty (Tom)
Various – A SweeT Relief – Tribute to Joey Spampinato (Tom)
Mark Germino – Midnight Carnival (Tom)
Lea McIntosh – Blood Cash (Tom)
Troy Redfern – The Fire Cosmic! (Simon)
Emily Wolfe – Outlier (Tom)
Adam Schultz – Soulful Distancing (Tom)
R K Turner – Out There on My Own (Tom)
Rob Stone, Elena Kato, Hiroshi Eguchi – Trio in Tokyo (Tom)
John Villers- A Different Circus (Tom)
Gerald McClendon – Let’s Have A Party (Tom)
Rodd Bland and the Members Only Band Live On Beale Street, a Tribute to Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland
Mark Cameron – Back From The Edge (Tom)
Debbie Bond – Blues Without Borders (Tom)
Yngwie Malmsteen – Parabellum (Tom)
Johnny Never – Blue Delta (Tom)
Maria Mudaur – Lets Get Happy Together (Tom)
Mike Ross – Clovis Limit – Tennessee Transition (Liz)
Jimmy Lee – Broken (Tom)
Afton Wolfe – Kings for Sale (Tom)
Laura Tate – Live From El Paso (Tom)
Andy Cohen – Small But Mighty (Tom)
Misty Blues Band – None More Blue (Tom)
Joe Lewis Band – Up Next (Tom)
Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania – Backyard Blues (Tom)

MISSED THE MARK – 2 Doodle paws
Ronnie Earl – Rise Up

Krissy Matthews – Pizza Man Blues [Premiere] (Liz)
Troy Redfern – Ghosts (Liz)
Jon Robert & The Wreck – Shine A Light On Me Brother (Liz)
The Damn Truth – This Is Who We Are (Liz)
Troy Redfern – Waiting For Your Love (Liz)
The Rainbreakers – Light Me Up (Liz)
The Rainbreakers – Ashes (Simon)

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