There is a Magic Corner sings Pete Lashley

There is a Magic Corner sings Pete Lashley

There is a Magic Corner sings Pete Lashley



There is a Magic Corner sings Pete Lashley, this is an album that captures, holds on and recreates the mood of the seventies. Pete is a singer of songs he writes, if that is not enough talent he plays many instruments as well. Magic Corner, his ninth album, is a psychedelic journey as we peep around the Magic Corner he has created just for us.

The styles vary across the twelve tracks the music is rooted in acoustic/folk but with that and a twist of the magic imagination of Pete. Opening with Gladstone Street (Tempest), we have the effect of wind blowing on an empty street. The storm is built with a combination of guitar and the lyrics that flows with the power of a storm with purpose. The calm is restored with More Is Never Enough a tale of greed with a clever link to the Beatles as they sang Money Can’t Buy Me Love. This is a modern urban parable. The mood changes with an ethereal track Sleepwalking Emma a mix of Pete Green, Led Zeppelin and Cat Stevens a tale of knights, dreams and fair ladies in the style of the troubadour that Pete truly is.

Half-way through the album and we are transported to the heat of 1976 the summer of parties, music and water shortages; a modern folk tale that many can relate to having lived and worked through the heat and as Pete reminds us about ‘cricket calypso’. After all that heat we need a cool down and Pete has artfully placed Swim next. A cooler rhythm and a gentle song reflecting the mood of the water.

His reworking of Wordsworth, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, setting the melodic cadences of the poem to simple guitar tune adds another tonal layer. Reflecting his love of the Lakeland Landscape that is often the inspiration for his songwriting. As the album draws to an end the guitar shapes the instrumental Sur La Cure a gentle interlude before we have up tempo jaunty Sting in the Tail. Closing the album is the title track. Leaving you with an upbeat feel and a tantalising insight to a kinder magical world created by Pete Lashey on Magic Corner.

Contemporary folk bought to life with passion and a twist with the music the punctuation for story-telling to music.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Pete Lashley – Magic Corner – Release Date 15th April 2016

Track Listing

1. Gladstone Street (Tempest)
2. More Is Never Enough
3. Sleepwalking Emma
4. Sunlight In The Morning
5. Laughter
6. ’76, It Was Hot
7. Swim
8. Cupboard Love
9. I wandered Lonely as a Cloud
10. Sur La Cure
11. Sting in the Tail Magic Corner

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