The Reality is Glorious on debut album Inglorious


The Reality is Glorious on debut album Inglorious

Two years after their formation, live shows played, radio plays and now the cherry on top of the cake a self-titled album released 19th February 2016, by Frontiers Music. The Reality is Glorious on debut album Inglorious is eleven tracks of flowing fast and furious music that will be played again and again.

Inglorious are a quintet of musicians motivated by the music they play the music is hard but luscious, combining guitar riffs that spark and vocals that warm the soul. Nothing unusual about the fact that guitars and vocals are the heart-stone of Rock n Roll. Inglorious does stand out from the crowd, why? Nathan James an iconic front-man with a voice that his humongous, the range, tone and power show that he has the voice for Rock, and formerly with multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Uli Jon Roth. Around the voice four immensely talented musicians gather adding layers of high-voltage energy around the tornado at the front Nathan’s vocals. The band have a pair of guitarists Swedish Andreas Eriksson and Will Taylor, hailing from the North-east and providing the connectivity of rhythm guitar with a rhythm section from Somerset, bassist Colin Parkinson and drummer Phil Beaver.

Inglorious are a glorious re-incarnation of the 1970’s and they have blended and distilled the influences of albums they loved. The influences are diverse including Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones. This diversity ensures influence shapes Inglorious music rather than capturing in a particular groove. Across the album they explore the full range of Nathan’s vocals and depth of Rock n Roll; this is Heavy Metal with 21st century energy and attitude.

Every track is strong on the album, the tracks all have a special moment from the opening track Until I Die with its progressive sounding lead and the tempo changes as a glorious assault from first Andreas guitar, the band and then Nathan’s vocals on Until I Die as the tempo and drama builds. Through to the closing track Unaware, with a soft piano intro the tempo quietens it is after the party with a musical massage – no the party has not finished, the Rock n Roll is back as the band interplay begins and the voice we now have come to expect is gentler but still demands your attention.

The single from the album Breakaway hooks you in and the other stand out tracks are High Flying Gypsy evoking Kashmir, plus the interplay between the guitarists Andreas and Wil combined with a chorus we can shout back when hearing them live on tour during 2016 and beyond. The following track Holy Water is if I had to choose my favourite with its feet stepping into the blues and the rhythm section curling around Nathan’s vocals creating a hard ball of rocking good sound. Then again having heard Girl With A Gun live at Planet Rockstock, this is a progressive number showing that Inglorious have the energy, and musical knowledge and bravery to explore every nuance in the house with many rooms that is Rock music.

The self-titled album, recorded with the rush of the sound of musicians playing together, this is fresh and live with the crackle of electricity that only inter-play by musicians on top of their game achieve. Inglorious in reality is glorious on debut album Inglorious; the writing is superb, the musicianship is a cascading of rushing notes over a musical waterfall. The standout gem of Inglorious is the voice, the voice of Nathan James he is the powerhouse of the band.

Let’s hope they follow up with a second album that matches the power and freedom of playing rock that Inglorious have delivered with their debut!

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Until I Die
2. Breakaway
3. High Flying Gypsy
4. Holy Water
5. Warning
6. Bleed For You
7. Girl Got A Gun
8. You’re Mine
9. Inglorious
10. Wake Unaware




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