Si Cranstoun singing Old School Blues

Si Cranston-


Si Cranstoun singing Old School Blues


With the title track hitting the rock n roll groove, the clubs, dance floors and front rooms will be jiving with delight to Si Cranstoun’s Old School. The music is infectious the horns add that tonal depth that gets the hips swinging and the feet tapping and a smile on your face. Unpretentious this is music that hits the notes in all the right places.

The feel good, good time factor continues with the beat full of lively grooves. Si’s vocals tell the tale and we all want to listen and have a Cranstoun good time as he takes us to Vegas. The album is full of vintage gems and the musicianship understands the sunshine, mood enhancing music they want to deliver.

The lyrics are original with quirky corners, the vibe is one-hundred percent Rock n Roll with rhythmic blues. Nothing has been re-shaped or re-invented to make contemporary,  Si definitely is a band leader doffing his hat to the popular music that spans the 1940’s through to the early ‘60’s.
Close your eyes and you are back in the coffee shop putting pennies into the Jukebox with Jukebox Jump, down at the town hop on a Saturday night jiving and jumping this is pure nostalgia. The whole sixteen tracks of the album are filled with his golden vocals that curl around and pick up the stinging guitar sound he produces.

With a Christmas Twist, included in the mix a perfect jingling number to get the house into the Christmas spirit and closing with Happy Birthday, this is a sound track for any celebration where you want to smile, laugh dance and party!  Into the mix we meet Elise The Brazilian with a smooth stripped back vibe as the rumba collides with rock n roll. Squeeze into Skinny Jeans the sax’s are fat this is anything but a skinny sound, and we party with the Commoner and The King.

If you love vintage Old School rock rhythm and blues with a look back to Jackie Wilson Sam Cooke et al; this is the album for you.

Si Cranstoun – Old School – RUF Records

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Old School
  2. Vegas Baby
  3. Nighttime
  4. Run Free
  5. Right Girl
  6. Jukebok Jump
  7. Elise The Brazilian
  8. Count On Me
  9. Around Midnight
  10. A Christmas Twist
  11. Skinny Jeans
  12. Thames River Song
  13. Commoner To King
  14. Big Bess
  15. Lover Please
  16. Happy Birthday

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