Riddle & The Stars Exploring Music Coastline

Riddle & The Stars Exploring Music Coastline

Riddle & The Stars Exploring Music Coastline



Always a touch of excited anticipation when hearing a band for the first time. Surprised that the digital catalogue was rock when the instrument line-up described on the album inner cover was more acoustic than plugged-in electric.  This is the second album where Fallen Stars combine forces with Australian singer-songwriter, Ben Riddle. The music is more laid back definitely more country/folk that rock, though that said the chords do at times have a rawer heavier edge that you would expect so there is a soupçon of rock credentials in the mix. that is Riddle & The Stars

The songs have a familiarity about them, as they have a tendency to float and meld into the background. This is smooth music with hints of Americana, jolts of country and roots through to traditional folk. Opening with Running Back To You the vocals have a lyricism and the emotions are gently applied, the tale unfurls as the guitars swirl building the plot. The country vibe is strong with audacious use of steel guitar and Tracy Byrne’s vocals add to a lonely stripped bare soul feeling of the number.  The tempo lifts for the title track and acoustic guitars introduce us to a gentle song of camping and exploring a New Coastline, simple happy, youthful times where the promise of tomorrow is full of hope and expectations. The force of songwriting skills combined with vocals are the core of the album as shown on Valentine’s Day.  Closing with When The Weight Is Gone, we are left with the feeling of acoustic well-being, simplicity of well-spun music crafted with care, simplicity the key word. The ten tracks are all beautifully produced, but for me there needs to be some harder edge beats, changes in tempo and approach to the delivery of the music to make and album really stand out and be interesting to sustain and have that ‘I am revisiting this again’ feeling.

There is nothing fresh or different about Riddle & The Stars music. It is folk inspired but more of a meander down the country lane to the dunes that visiting a New Coastline that challenges and excites.

SIX pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Running Back To You
  2. I may Never Know
  3. Long Way Down
  4. Apples & Knives
  5. New Coastline
  6. Mexican Home
  7. Valentine’s Day
  8. Tracks
  9. When We Ride
  10. When The Weight Is Gone

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