My Religion It Is all Music with John Verity


My Religion It Is all Music with John Verity

My Religion It Is all Music with John Verity, who has career which spans the decades with solo performances, his band and supporting rock acts ranging from Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin through to Argent and The Zombies.
Blues is My Religion theme running through the album mix of classic covers and originals. Opening with the title-track My Religon, John sets the tone and backdrop for the album blues guitar which is precise and clear. The beat is jaunty for this tongue-in-cheek number the first of the many subjects and beliefs explored over the next nine tracks. The Classics covered as Freddy King’s Going Down picking up the guitar driven groove as the album powers on with classy backing vocals on Chain of Fools as he steps slightly sideways out of the blues with this Aretha Franklin Number. The energy is infectious. The journey then trips into Eric Clapton’s Cocaine with the instantly recognisable opening riff. The last cover we are treated to is Howlin with the Wolf as Spoonful of blues is distributed with a generous helping of blues harp.

Blues is often referred to as Devil’s Music and the beat has a devilish air and the guitar growls with menace on The Devil’s Music; a track that is definitely blues that has been given a tinge of rocked up attitude. As the album reaches the close the penultimate track is the melodic acoustic guitar number Farkhunda, the female vocalist’s spiritual vocals curls around the guitar and then the darker tone of JV. Again the lyrics as with all the best blues opens our eyes to emotions and feelings, frustrations and hurt. To close the album the piercing clarity of Oh Why? Has a classic feel and leaves you in no doubt why JV has and continues to be in demand.
John, is rightly delighted with this blues album, believing that the album My Religion is “Quite simply the best thing I’ve done”. My Religion, the tone changes the tempo ebbs and flows as Blues glue that maintains coherence and sense of purposeful shape throughout the ten tracks.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing
1. My Religion
2. Hope For The Best
3. The Devil’s Music
4. Going Down Freddy King
5. Chain Of Fools Areatha Franklin
6. Cocaine – Eric Clapton
7. Prove Your Love
8. Spoonful – Howlin Wolf
9. Farkhunda
10. Oh Why?

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