More Is More as DGB Adding to the Blues

More Is More as DGB Adding to the BluesMore Is More as DGB Adding to the Blues

More Is More as DGB Adding to the Blues, an urban modern sound with blues that is tipping its hat to Chicago with the hardening groove of British R’n’B. The DGB are not a traditional blues band nor are they a classic Rock band they are a mix that the British excel in.

The trio having played at clubs and festivals across Europe for four years, the time has come for The DGB, Danny Giles, Guitar and vocals; Pat Garvey on Drums and bassist Jon Chase to make a debut album. The result is an independently produced album More Is More. The music is definitely layers of beat and grooves, soulful, rocky, bluesy above all a sound that is DGB and More Is More reflects the approach in the recording of the album. The production is not over baked we have layers of song, guitar that stings, bass that hits the groove and drumming that gives the music focus. Expect the unexpected this is no formulaic twelve bar blues rocked up there is a true variation throughout the album.
Opening with a blistering rock blues number Leave This Town, not something this band will be told very often going by the attractive and popular rhythms they conjure up and twist around the lyrics. The tempo and mood slows with Shiver with a soulful take of gentle cymbals, and guitar that makes you want to dance and vocals that cajole and have a yearning quality, aptly named song as shivers are definitely the order of the day as the music courses down your spine with a shivering delight.
Been There Twice adds to the variety with keys adding drama to the soundscape and Danny’s vocals hit the dramatic mark on a track that has one foot in the blues dipped in rock that shines and has a flexibility of contours of sounds.

As you would expect from a song title Demonise this is no gentle ballad but a chugging guitar rock driven number. The lead breaks are listenable but they lack the demonic energy and the vocals needed to add to the darkness that the title implies.

The album draws to an end with Don’t Go Messin’ a quieter considered number, the blues vibe suiting Danny’s vocals and once again keys adding another tonal layer. Closing with up-tempo rock induced number Wait For Me Mamma with a driving beat that has a rush to get you going as the soft rock hits home on More Is More

The ten tracks leave you wanting to hear the trio The DGB again, for lovers of rock that has the edges smoothed with soul blue and full of rhythmic interest. Many on hearing the album will be more likely to check the band out live get the really stinging effect of the interaction between vocals, guitar, bass and drums. The DGB definitely a band to watch with a beady Blues eye interest,  with Danny guitar capturing your attention.

The DGB – More Is More – Power Of Three Records

SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Leave This Town
  2. Won’t Let Love
  3. Been There Twice
  4. Hold On
  5. Shiver
  6. Smokin’ Pipe
  7. Demonise
  8. Love Is The Law
  9. Don’t Go Messin’
  10. Wait For Me Mama

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