Live Trouble with Gerry Jablonski Electric Band

Live Trouble with Gerry Jablonski Electric Band

Live Trouble with Gerry Jablonski Electric Band


When the band steps on stage you know there is going to be an incendiary show of blues that rocks, tumbles and rolls. Trouble is never far from a live Gerry Jablonski Electric Band performance.  The title Live Trouble, is perfect but will the recording capture the energy of Gerry and his band playing live? Having listened to the album yes it does. It is the closest thing to seeing the band live. The album is not a concert played on a single night but recorded with a clarity of tone during their European “Trouble With The Blues” tour. The sound engineers have captured the sound shot that defines the band raw, dirty and emotionally intense. The four-piece is a closely connected unit with vocals and instruments coming together to deliver the Jablonski Blues.

Opening with applause you are transported to a venue, then straight into Slave to Rhythm, this is neither Grace Jones nor Michael Jackson this is Jablonski rhythm through and through getting the album running with a track that pulls in the blues vibe that identifies the band. The first of the five tracks on the Live album from their previous album is the title track Trouble With The Blues. With its deep at times, funky bass lines from Grigor Leslie combining with Lewis Fraser’s drumming that shapes the urgency and frustrations within the track as the troubles with the blues are explored. No wonder the applause is warm and you can feel the crowd heating up.

With Lady and I the Chicago beat runs through with a lightness of touch as the harmonica of Peter Narojczyk hits with a sharpness and control that reflects Gerry’s vocals. This is live music played with passion the songs have been chosen as they fit together and we are introduced to Skinny Blue Eyed Boy we know we are in for a personal ride. This is followed by an up-tempo guitar drenched high voltage Blues Power this is music that makes blues exciting and hot as the driving beat gets the adrenalin on the go.

Closing out the live ten-set recording is a round of applause and a blues guitar solo full of sharp riffs and licks and timing that allows the drums to politely interrupt. It is definitely more fun than a Broken Heart. As the rest of the band joins in we are treated to the last five minutes of Jablonski live energy.

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Live Trouble with Gerry Jablonski Electric Band


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Track List:
1. Slave To The Rhythm
2. Trouble With The Blues
3. Down To The Ground
4. Lady And I
5. Anybody
6. Skinny Blue Eyed Boy
7. Blues Power
8. The Curse
9. Every Dog Has Its Day
10. Broken Heart

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