Lisa Biales Blues On The Beat Of My Heart

Lisa Biales Blues On The Beat Of My HeartTwelve tracks from Lisa Biales captures the blues on her ninth album The Beat Of My Heart. This is never submissive blues. Sung with contemporary blues fused with jazz Lisa Biales is a strong woman of today, shaping her relationships to fit her. This is the approach she takes with the blues on The Beat Of My Heart. Blues shaped and honed with licks of jazz and delicious and judicious use of the sax and horns augmenting her vocal range and tone.

The collection of numbers from a variety of sources have been selected to create a mood and feel that suits the vocal warmth of Lisa Biales. The music throughout the album is shaped to the mood of the song.

Opening with Disgusted, I am sure no one would be disgusted with the music on the album. On the opening track, the horns are sharp as they pick out the tempo on this Mabel Scott number.  Exploring the Nina Simone Vibe on Be My Husband has a different vocal shading as we explore relationships and marriage.  I dare you to try not to clap your hands and tap your feet to the gospel refrain on I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody as Biales picks up the Sunday morning baton as she shouts with joy embracing gospel with the chorus full of praise and upbeat. The organ adds to the tempo turn and infectious quality of the song. The tempo changes, we are now all vintage on Crying Over You. In a lounge bar, the piano plays and Lisa sings the song written by her mother Alberta Roberts in 1947. The authenticity of the vintage feel is created as we hear her mother sing the opening verse picked up by her daughter who is Crying Over you.

The shaping of the blues is lighter on the Eric Bibb number Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down; the vocals are personal and deeper on this percussive number.  Closing out with Brotherly Love we visit Chicago on the Brenda Burns song re-interpreted by Lisa Biales.

The album has a classic touch provided by Tony Braungel’s production, the twelve gems glitter with individuality capturing the lyrics in the vocal refrain of Bailes. That said, at times the music has a feeling of being constrained and the freedom to blossom by exploring the music is lost on this solid album shaded in the blues.

The Beat Of My Heart – Lisa BialesBig Song Music

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Track Listing

  1. Disgusted
  2. What A Man
  3. I Don’t Wanna Hear It
  4. Be My Husband
  5. Messin’ Around With The Blues
  6. I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody
  7. Crying Over You
  8. Wild Stage O Life
  9. Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
  10. Romance In The Dark
  11. I Should’ve Known Better
  12. Brotherly Love



Lisa Biales Blues On The Beat Of My Heart

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