Lionize In The Studio Produces New Album Nuclear Soul

Lionize In The Studio Produces New Album Nuclear Soul

Lionize In The Studio Produces New Album Nuclear Soul


Lionize In The Studio Produces New Album Nuclear Soul. The Maryland rockers have captured maturity in sound; the lyrics are emotionally driven. Modern cutting rock for today as the genres are captured under the skilful direction of Clutch’s Jean Paul Gaster with J. Robbins and the band themselves. The album is an explosion of sounds and sonic shapes that hits the speakers with a blast of keys from Chris Brooks’ Hammond – what an intro. The opening track draws you into the music on their sixth album. This is classic rock bending and blending influences full of funky attitude. Darkest Timeline is a great introduction to the sound of rock for 2017 and beyond with lines including You know I’ve got American Blues”, We’re on the darkest timeline.  This theme is returned to. This is not a dark, discordant album it is one crafted with care pulling thoughts together through the medium of rock. Lionize entertains with the power of the quartet throughout Nuclear Soul.

The album flows with a passionate dexterity. What sets Nuclear Soul apart from the pack is the crafted blending into the rock beat, funk, jazz, blues at times the beat of heavy metal. This mix of influences packaged with a ribbon of grunge and sparkle of the energy of Rock n Roll labelled with lyrics that tell a story. Lyrics to reflect the times. Lionize on Nuclear Soul have captured the soul of our times. Nailed it across the eleven tracks.

The beauty, yes beauty, of Fire In Athena as they take the sound down the acoustic guitar is exquisite. Unexpected with the sound building an undercurrent of Thin Lizzie. This is a highlight only three tracks in. The band delivers energy and lyrics with a poignancy. The sound swells and fades. Nate Bergman sings fragile and alone Burning In The Streets … What was left ringing in our ears. Was a bell with a never-ending toll … then the power as we have a crescendo of sound riffy guitar from Nat, rhythmic beats from Hank’s bass & Chase’s Drums. Follow that. They do with Power Grid fast dirty greasy bluesy funk that excites.  Election Year, reflecting the time of recording the album. The phrase Don’t Trust The Government ring with a truth in your ears combined with we get what we deserve. There is a fearful driving urgency across the number as Lionize re-shape their sound and approach.

One track that perhaps doesn’t quite mesh in is aptly titled Let You Down. What it does do is showcasing Nate’s vocal versatility with its bluesy feel.  The title track is a humdinger as the quiet opening with the Brooks keys reflecting Nate’s vocals is counterintuitive to the lyrics. This is a drama of being cast into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Reflecting the news headlines of impending disaster all around us from nuclear and environmental threats. A song for our times.

Lionize close out Nuclear Soul with a band member saying play it faster. Blindness to Danger is a fast furious up-tempo number. With the final chorus ringing in your ears. Lionize are a band on a crest of a wave of global success

Lionize throughout the album flaunt their immense collective talent. One listen and Lionize have their hooks into your ears. An album that will be played loud, with pleasure and often. A real go-to album when rock music is the order of the day.

Lionize –  Nuclear Soul – The End Records

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. Darkest Timeline
  2. Face Of Mars
  3. Fire In Athena
  4. Power Grid
  5. Aint It A Shame
  6. Election Year
  7. March Of The Clones
  8. Let You Down
  9. The Mad Scientist Of Sunshine
  10. Nuclear Soul

Lionize In The Studio Produces New Album Nuclear Soul


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