Let The Mojo Slide over you it may Twist Your Bones with blues encrusted rock

The Mojo Slide - Twist Your Bones - Front Cover

Let The Mojo Slide over you it may Twist Your Bones

with blues encrusted rock

The Mojo Slide – Twist Your Bones – DO IT Records

Out of Cambridge, deep in the fens comes a rock band that understands the wealth that blues has to offer their sound. The Mojo Slide may not be the best known band but this is set to change once their self-produced album Twist Your Bones starts to send shock-waves and shivers of delight to everyone who likes music with a granite heart surrounded by Blues and Rock n Roll attitude..

It is not surprising that the single has had numerous radio plays including BBC & Planet Rock. So who are The Mojo Slide who are making so many people sit up and smile to the beat they are setting down deep in the groove? The Mojo Slide comprise a pair of guitarists, lead Mike Fenna and Rhythm Matt Legg combining with a rhythm section that are deep and dirty bassist Dan Savage and Michael Graham drumming at the back. Fronting this quartet of artists with attitude is vocalist Mark Wilks who has a voice that demands your attention as his tongue shapes the words devours the emotion spitting them out drenched in feeling.

The album comprises eleven tracks that coil around the bass line and are full of dark and murky rhythms, this is swampy Rock n’ Roll not from the delta but the reed beds of the fens. Opening with Addicted the distorted guitar opens the offering from a band that wants the music to be alive with a rhythm that moves along, yes loud, yes melodic, but above all it is a musical harmonious joining of the twentieth century music that came out of the USA. Re-shaped and perfectly formed in Britain and The Mojo Slide have captured the best of both interpretations this is live music captured in a moment so your feet can tap along night and day & day and night. The smoky whiskey fuelled sound continues with a rawness of spirit drank too soon on Jesus Don’t Love You. This is a debut album that stomps with attitude so take notice. The Lyrics are strong the tracks tell a tale, paint a picture, shape the tone because the quintet are working together as Mark snarls and growls over a stinging delivery of the melody.

Half way through, imagery of cowboys, deserts and wilderness are conjured up and delta blues hits the dirt with my favourite track Bad In Every Bone, as the train hits town the bell begins to ring you know this is dramatic as the slide guitar takes control. The vocals tell the lyrics as you are pulled deep in to the deep dark swampy bad-ass blues. The tracks build and build the church-like organ intro of The Ballad Of Satan The Devil shows another side of The Mojo Slide dirt encrusted rock is swirling out of the speaker this is scuzzy blues rock. Then a change of music texture with a Dlyanesque track Little Bird keeping you one hundred percentage engaged with the captivating music. Closing with high energy Rock n Roll, The Sky Is Falling In this is diamond encrusted rock with glittering guitar and the raw energy seen throughout this debut album.

Let The Mojo Slide over you it may Twist Your Bones with blues encrusted rock, if you like your music independently minded. The Mojo Slide will make you smile, meet the devil and dance with the Rattlesnake Humbug Blues.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

The Mojo Slide – Twist Your Bones – DO IT Records

Track Listing

1. Addicted
2. Jesus Don’t Love Me
3. Smiling
4. High
5. Make You Bleed
6. Bad In the Bone
7. Rattlesnake Humbug Blues
8. The Ballad of Satan The Devil
9. Little Bird
10. Drunk Dog Blues
11. The Sky Is Falling In


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