Larry Delivering Miller Blues That Rock and Roll

Larry Delivering Miller Blues That Rock and Roll

Larry Delivering Miller Blues That Rock and Roll


Larry Miller opens his self-titled and ninth studio album with No More Mr Nice Guy. Anyone who has met Larry, heard him sing live, seen his shows knows that Larry is in reality, Mr Nice Guy his smile and warmth fills you with joy.  The ten tracks selected from a vast back catalogue with so many favourites the selection process must have been a challenge. They definitely showcase the searing guitar and shimmering vocals – Larry Miller’s brand of blues. We know Larry rises to any challenge set him and with every listen we send him the strength to overcome a stroke he suffered in Summer 2015.  The bonus is definitely the three previously unreleased tracks thrown into the mix making this a welcome addition to fans of Larry Miller to add more of his scintillating blues rock guitar playing to their collection.  Every track is full of the verve and enthusiasm that Larry generated every time he stepped in front of a microphone with guitar and vocals. The album has been released to support Larry as he recovers from the stroke. While we wait to see Larry back on stage and fans demand to hear recorded music from Larry long-term sound engineer and co-producer Neil Sadler has remixed the tracks chosen by Larry to reflect every shade of blues that he has captured. Larry understands the nuance of the blues whether rocking out, acoustic and always in deep blue thought as the lyrics are shaped across his guitar and sing to you.

With rock captured in the blues with Still Ain’t Done and a perennial and personal favourite Calling All the Angels slowing and intensifying the emotions in this blues number. The instrumental Yours And No Other, brings finger-picking country blues vibe. The three previously unrecorded numbers, No More Mister Nice Guy, Black Oak Arkansas and Keeper of The Flame add different styles and interest into the album. With chugging guitar Keep The Flame Burning is what we are all doing as purchasing this collection keeps Larry Miller’s flame burning blue and bright a great addition to any blues-rock collection.

The tracks capture the essence of Larry as we are taken down to meet Mississippi Mama driving blues rock that is out for a good time full of energy come hell or high water.  Then we have the quieter blues of Bathsheba, the night is hot and the blues has a sparkling lyrically drenched number with its raw emotion.  Closing with the Wrong Name, we know that Larry is the right name to associate with British blues full of energy scintillating guitar and blues that shimmer and shine.  Larry will always brighten any day with his guitar that can deliver blistering rock, lead breaks where the guitar weeps and then the slower more considered numbers. His vocals breathe a powerful breath of fresh air through every number. Closing your eyes and listening to the album you can see Larry dominating the stage with his larger than life character and with his infectious presence and ever-changing facial expressions. He is the gurning champion of the modern-day blues world. The album is a lynch-pin as we wait for Larry to step on stage again as he slowly recovers. He is now playing and singing back in the studio so 2017 could see Larry back on a stage until then we have this self-titled album to delight our music ears.

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. No More Mister Nice Guy
  2. Still Ain’t Done with The Blues
  3. Black Oak Arkansas Hangman
  4. Calling All The Angels
  5. Come Hell Of High Water
  6. Bathsheba
  7. Keeper Of The Flame
  8. Mississippi Mama
  9. As Blue As It Gets
  10. The Devil’s In The Detail
  11. Yours And No Other
  12. The Wrong Name

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