Lara & The Bluz Dawgz are definitely Howlin’

Lara and Bluz Dawgz


Lara & The Bluz Dawgz
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Lara & The Bluz Dawgz are definitely Howlin’ good and proper, as they share eleven tracks of honky tonk piano, searing saxophone, mellow and angry moods and the vocal charm that personifies Lara Germony herself. The tracks are all originals exploring love in relationships, the good, bad and downright mean. This is blues album that works with tonal colours and textures of light and dark her Bluz Dawgs are in the zone. The Dawgz are, Gregg Germony, bassist and husband; with drummer Ray Gonzales completing the Rhythm section and adding layers of structured sounds are Al Rowe on guitar, Dan Nadasdi playing the keys and  Reggie Murray blowing the Saxophone. They collectively create a musical score from which Lara’s lead vocals can soar as she explores the emotion of love and loss.

Opening with Uh Huh a piano fueled Boogie Woogie track that sets you up to want to hear more; and there are plenty of sounds with the title track, Howlin’ bringing the album to a close. This is track a that has the power of rhythm as the feet tap to a New Orleans beat, with the heat of the night  with the combo of drums, keys and saxophone Howlin’ leaves  you wanting to hear much more of Lara & The Bluz Dawgz.

The album is full of variations with I Wonder a full on ballad as Lara’s voice caresses the words and the saxophone repeats the feeling of yearning and dreaming… “I dream about your loving…. So I watch you and wonder” sings Lara no certainty in this vocalization. T-Dawg, is urban blues that falls out of the speaker and caresses with the drums adding meat to the musical bone, you can hear the shadows of Thrill Has Gone in tempo and guitar work. Half-way through is a track that stands out, there is an energy about Don’t Mess With Me Baby, the vocals show grit and determination, no-one would mess with Lara! Al’s guitar riffs are clean and adds lead breaks with purpose and once again the saxophone from Murray shapes the texture. The interplay between the musicians creates a narrative once again on this track, with the guitar and the tempo dictated by the rhythm section as this track shows that a woman will only put up with so much and then kicks her heels to say I’m Over It! The musical range changes with shades of jazz in Shadow Groovin, full of mellow thoughtfulness, the vocals are seductive and the guitar work sears through the night.

Howlin’ is a blues album with shadows of jazz and soul as love is explored through the power of lyrics and Lara’s vocals that can be challenging, angry, seductive and beguiling as the narrative unfolds.  Lara & The Bluz Dawgz have superb interplay, creating their own distinctive niche in the blues.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Uh Huh
  2. Flat Line
  3. I wonder
  4. Wearin Me Out
  5. T-Dawg
  6. Don’t Mess With Me Baby
  7. Love Me Tonight
  8. I’m Over It
  9. Say Goodbye
  10. Shadow Groovin
  11. Howlin’

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