Jesse & Joy Serenades on New Album Luscious Latin Pop

Jesse & Joy Serenades on New Album Luscious Latin Pop

Jesse & Joy Serenades on New Album Luscious Latin Pop

As, Jesse & Joy serenades on New Album Luscious Latin Pop the songs and melodies float with a delicacy of white clouds across a bright sky. Joy’s vocals are sweet as honey as the self-titled album opens with their pair of debut U.K; singles Echoes of Love and More Than Amigo. Two singles that reflect the light and Latin sides of the duo who have a string of Grammys. Number 1 hits and more.

The album Jesse & Joy is their first dual-language as the Mexican brother & Sister spread their wings beyond Latin America and the US Latin charts. The music is infectious, and will appeal to a broad base of music lover. They have a mellow pop lusciousness this brother and sister duo from Mexico can deliver a sound that gets your attention whether singing Spanish or English the tune and deliver has an infectious quality.

The music is a delicious spicy chocolate smothered Latino pop, with spice. Yes, musical equivalent of Mexicans blending of chocolate, spice and tastes. No Soy Una De Esta, defy you not to jump up and down dance and smile with a samba infuse number. If you are ‘I’m not one of these’ you will be listening with a huge smile and foot tapping delight.

With the closing track ¡Corre! is heard earlier on in English Run! A piano driven ballad full of emotive energy contained within the breathy vocals sung in either language the emotions portrayed are the same.

There is no argument that this is an album of two halves. Opening with strong numbers, a gallop there is a fading of energy. As we then revisit the same shapes and tempos. That said, this is an album that made me smile, gave me warmth of the sun. Made me get up and dance. You do feel one-hundred percent more positive after 44 minutes in Jesse and Joy’s company.  Jesse & Joy dedicated Grammy award  to Hispanics everywhere self-title album pops with linguistic magic

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Echoes of Love
  2. More Than Amigos
  3. Espacio Sideral
  4. Helpless
  5. Run
  6. No Soy Una De Esas (Featuring Alejandro Sanz)
  7. La De La Mala Suerte
  8. Here I Go
  9. Un Besito Mas (Featuring Juan Luis Guerra)
  10. Llegaste Tu
  11. Little Drops of Love
  12. ¡Corre!

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