It’s Christmas Time with John Cee Stannard

It’s Christmas Time with John Cee Stannard

It’s Christmas Time with John Cee Stannard



A Christmas EP with blues, lyrics and sweet guitar from Jason Manners who joins John Cee Stannard on this five track seasonal release. This all started back in 2014 when John wrote Christmas On My Own for a gig he was doing with his band Blues Horizon. The following year another seasonal number Winter Love.  Two tracks written and the idea of It’s Christmas Time seemed to be a perfect way of celebrating Christmas with Stannard’s music.

Five tracks, nothing syrupy sweet, no repeating choruses that stick as the most unwanted earworm. This is not lift musak it is five tracks that fit the season with a refreshing reality this is no over-sugared confectionary of songs that bare no resemblance to the Christmas most of us are experiencing.

The opening track and album title It’s Christmas Time is the only number written especially for the E.P. featuring the vocal delights of Julia Titus responding to John Cee’s vocals with the added bonus of harp from Howard Birchmore from Blues Horizon. This track shapes the EP Christmas music that rings in the changes.

Beggin’ Santa Claus was first recorded in  February 1937 and written by BK Turner and originally called Christmas Time Blues.  The guitars interplay adding a mournful sweet but sad underpinning to the blues driven lyrics.  Another re-working is Snooks Englinis. Let Me Go Home Whisky fitting into the mix perfectly from the 1950’s with its upbeat tempo.  Surprisingly, Christmas on My Own builds the up-tempo feel with an element of fun with Julia adding to the vocals.  There is a positivity on this number that next year will be better. Closing with a Winters Love has violin courtesy of Simon Mayor changing the tempo as Country meets crooner we are now ready for Christmas not perfect but a time of year for family and looking forward to a New Year and new beginnings with laid back blues that delivers a perfect reality.

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

John Cee Stannard – It’s Christmas Time

Track Listing

  1. It’s Christmas Time
  2. Beggin’ Santa Claus
  3. Let Me Go Home Whisky
  4. Christmas On My Own
  5. Winter Love


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