Dan Reed Network Releases The Brave

The Brave-v1

Dan Reed Network Releases The Brave


In an ever-changing world, Dan Reed Network has released the second single The Brave from his critically acclaimed album Fight Another Day.

The Brave is the second single from the album that is full of deep melodies rock that explores the facets of sound. The album moves from brooding dystopia through to funky uplifting rhythms. Dan Reed Network makes a modern statement throughout Fight Another Day and The Brave encapsulates Dan Reeds Vision.

The video that accompanies the single is the world seen through a television and reaction of a child playing impromptu instruments we all did for examples saucepans dressed in a superhuman costume. The lyrics link played out against the hard-hitting beat of the drums and chorus that chants out a beat. we want to see and understand and dance The Brave lets us do all that. Though reality is it is still crazy out there, as Dan sings ‘In this land of broken dreams it is the song of The Brave’.

The single is officially released on Monday 18th July, expect to hear the music from the network cascading through the radio very soon.

Dan Reed Network Releases The Brave

Dan Reed Network Releases The Brave

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