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Scan0002 The album is boxed in and drenched in blues that has a full sound an infectious beat that makes the tracks have a zing and your feet just have to respond by tapping the floor. This is blues with a country feel with lots of beats, rhythms and licks that feel familiar but twisted and turned into Rob’s own style of boxed in blue. With fifteen tracks Blues N Boxes gets you well acquainted to his music opening with a dirty guitar full on blues twang of Oh Lordy Lord and closing with a slower more reflective track Years Ago. Every tempo is explored in between making this an album that truly ebbs and flows in intensity but always sounds good. Headache is a rockier number that has a beat that rolls around your head reflecting the title and has sharp lyrics as the guitar is celebrated. Albert Collins is called upon to inspire and shape You Made Me A Fool one of the thirteen self-penned tracks on the album. The two covers are towards the end of the album Roadhouse Blues by Densmore, Krieger, Manzerek & Morrison, with sharp harp playing opening this track builds the image of a roadhouse and a long drive followed by the eponymous John Lee Hooker’s One Bourbon, One Scotch. The keys provided by Ray Drury courtesy of Hammond Organ and Piano on You Made Me a Fool and Don’t Lose Out give these tracks a different feel and tone keeping the interest in the music sustained.
Rob Berry’s Blues N Boxes certainly has been enjoyed throughout July across the UK Independent Blues Association as it has reached number two in the charts reflecting that it has hit the right notes with the independent DJ’s playing blues on the internet every night. Indeed the whole album is a box of blues that has a listenability with harp playing that curls around the tempo and guitars that smolder with blues of varying tempos and shades, Rob Berry has created an album that sits well in any collection and would certainly be a road trip of the blues in a box.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Rob BerryBlues N Boxes – Daylight Records

Track Listing

1. Oh Lordy Lord
2. Cut Me Some Slack
3. Headache
4. So Sorry
5. You Made Me a Fool
6. Dollar Short
7. Howdy Boss Hog
8. Short Supply
9. Memories
10. Don’t Lose Out
11. Spinning Thru Life
12. Roadhouse Blues
13. One Bourbon One Scotch
14. Blues In Ma Head
15. Years Ago

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