CD Review: Robbie Hill & The Blues 62’s ~ Price To Pay

robbieRobbie Hill & The Blues 62’s
Price To Pay
Blues Boulevard Records

Robbie Hill hails from Fife and has a reputation as a blues player with a huge potential, understanding, feeling and loving the blues. Building on this he toured around the UK and he then expanded his horizons on the advice of Otis Grand, setting out to Scandinavia with backpack and guitar, he met up with another traveller a bass playing American, Jesse King. They connected along with Finnish drummer Tatu Parssinen thus a transcontinental band with a common link in music was formed.

Robbie Hill & The Blues 62’s a was formed with influences from the projects the trio had been involved in with the majority of tracks written by Jessie king or Robbie Hill and closes the album with three varied covers displaying the depth of talent within the band.

Opening with Price To Pay with its moody bass line from Jesse and Robbie’s vocals it feels you know the tones and textures that will dominate this album blues influenced by rock, but there are some surprises with a different tempo and approach. Bad Women steps up the tempo with its drum intro courtesy of Tatu, a name you may recognise as he plays for Finnish guitarist Erja Lyytinen, before the electric guitar sound from Robbie, his vocals remind me of early Oli Brown, the Hammond adds another layer of sound giving the track a full sound that makes you want to keep on listening to the rocky vibe.

No Place to Hide has a dirty sound that is after the style of Southern Rock delivering a powerful track, praising Helsinki a theme he picks up in the next track a cover of Eddie Boyd’s; Praise to Helsinki. Eddie was an American blues pianist and brings a real 1960’s rolling soulful blues to praise Helsinki. This band full of burgeoning talent closes with T-Bone Walker’s Please Coming Back To Me; leaving you with the blues and a feeling that this is a band to look out for as they develop and get their own style.

Robbie Hill and The Blues 62’s have created an album that has showcased the talent of the three of them and they all can play their instruments, what it does lack for me is a cohesive style/theme that draws the tracks together so that you get to know Robbie Hill and the band’s motivations and passions. The Price To Pay is an album full of music that will delight anyone who wants to hear rock motivated blues with a twist and Rock n’ Roll.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Robbie Hill:Guitar
Jesse King: Bass
Tatu Parssinen: Drums

Additional Musician
Harri Taittonen: Hammond & keyboards

1. Price To Pay (King/Hill)
2. Morning Light (King/Hill)
3. Bad Woman (King)
4. You Ain’t Right (King)
5. The Love You’re Teaching Me (Hill)
6. Second Chance (King)
7. No Place To Hide (Boyd)
8. Stranger Blues (James)
9. Please Come Back To Me (Walker)

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