CD Review: Mojo Makers ~ Devils Hands

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Devils Hands
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Devils Hands, is the follow-up album to Wait Till The Morning released in 2013, this young blues band from Denmark who are making a distinctive sound that is the blues, are not afraid to experiment and add dollops and twists of a myriad of styles, tempo’s and textures in an album that has eleven original toe-tapping tracks. Throughout the album you can pick up the influences from the 1960’s & 70’s with hints of The Doors, Led Zepplin and delta bluesmen including the mighty Leadbelly There is throughout out the album a subtle layer of contemporary rock/ R’n’B driven music added to the basic blues line; while always staying true to the blues/gospel sound they are creating on this album, this gives an energy with the rawness tamed.

The opening track Come On Brother; has a gospel/holler feel to the tempo and the haunting ‘A Capella’ vocals at the beginning of the track before the guitar joins in and some mesmerising drumming so that the track moves along taking you deep into the bayou. There are lots of changes in shape and structures as demonstrated on Howl Away reggae beat but still the blues must be bleggae demonstrated how interconnected music that has its roots implanted into the past of our tribal memories, whether Irish, African or Danish!.
We have hints of Jazz on Fly on Baby and love the clicking finger in the intro and subtle keyboard sound with a strong bass line, showing the versatility of a sound that refuses to tame and stay in its allotted box. The title track Devils Hands, has a gospel feel and if you close your eyes you can imagine with the clapping of the hands Africans toiling trapped in slavery picking cotton this is emotional blues.

Like your blues with a bucket load of rock then they deliver this with strong riffs from the guitar on tracks including Man Fire Soul, Indian Woman and Slight Return, they are all different and the dirty guitar of southern rock with slide on Slight Return is a fitting finale to the album which is full of contrasts making it an interesting listen.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

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