CD Review: Maddie Jones ~ Vita Brevis


Maddie Jones
Vita Brevis


Maddie Jones loves to perform, and many a stage in South Wales has heard her sing for you, this songbird is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who knows how to deliver the lyrics with maturity beyond her years she has true emotional intelligence in the phrasing and delivery of the words. Vita Brevis, translated as Life Is Short, is definitely not short on musical quality with eleven tracks of crafted melodies and vocals that swell and die away like a journey of light and dark and every shade in between. Opening with Not Made For This, the music says Maddie is definitely made for performing the vocals are pitch perfect, every word delivered with clarion precision and the instruments deliver layers of harmony adding that hook to make you want to – no demand that you hear more. The production by Charlie Francis is perfect keeping that freedom that Maddie exudes when performing live enhanced with the power of the studio with the musical arrangements full of colour and hidden depths the cello on Dirty Little Secret combined with the drumming adds to the drama of the story as Maddie’s lyrics unfold; a song full of trouble and so very beautiful.
The guitar opening of For I Have Sinned is full of acoustic tones and promises to deliver a tale of interest that cuts across genres and is the true delivery of a Singer/songwriter who understands what has to be said and left unsaid both lyrically and in the instrumentation the cello is mournful and clear and all will be forgiven.

Soon is a lullaby for adults who need a soothing moment with its gentle harmonies and a beat that flows through mending jagged nerves and soothing frayed tempers a gorgeous closing track for any album. Maddie closes this album with Soon; and I am positive everyone will soon be buying the album, going to a gig and demanding a follow-up that is full of depth and maturity as Vita Brevis.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


Track Listing
1. Not Made For This
2. Don’t Sit Still
3. She Was Young
4. Glass
5. Dirty Little Secret
6. What The Hell (I’m Game)
7. Know It All
8. For I have Sinned
9. More Fool You
10. Remnants
11. Soon

Maddie Jones: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Ukulele, Clarinet, Percussion
Charlie Francis: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion
Laurence Wickham: Drums
Richard Jackson: Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vox on Soon
Thomas Jones: Cello
Sally Greenwell: Viola
Kit Denison: Drums on ‘Not Made For This’

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