CD Review: Jules Carter Trio ~ Done Misbehaving

julescartertrio3Jules Carter Trio
Done Misbehaving

Jules Carter Trio, have a jazzy, bluesy, funk rock sound that is sophisticated and blends layers of sounds that are distinctive and require a band to be tight and they are both in the recording studio and on the stage. The sound created if you are going to compare them with other bands would be they have a feel of Steely Dan but into the mix are snatches of other styles that will keep you intrigued as the album’s musical tensions and harmonies unfold.

The tracks are all original and this is an album jam-packed with originality the band play the music with a free-form flow and every note is considered and there for a reason as the beat picks up and fades and merges into another mid-track as on You Say No the opening course of this musical journey.

Jules vocals have a distinctive timbre that suits this fusion music that does draw on the blues even if it is only the mention of Robert Johnson in the lyrics of 27 Club about musicians who have died prematurely. The blues influence is again seen on Since You Went Away one of the more musically straight forward tracks on the album.

It is only to be expected on an album with so many influences and different approaches to each song some will not hit your personal spot for me it was Blondie and Forever and The Day; for me the lyrics did not sit comfortably on the first and the latter is to introspective and self-indulgent.

Done Misbehaving, is an interesting album and grows on you as you listen to the complex music with fused styles used to create a musical shape that was pleasing on the ear but at times tries too hard on this at times both strange and compelling album…. Done Misbehaving

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Jules Carter: Guitars/Lead Vocals
Fingerz Carty: Bass/Backing Vocals
Paul White: Drums/Backing Vocals

1. You Say No
2. Same Day Born
3. 27 Club
4. Ten Out Of Ten
5. Since You Went Away
6. Blondie
7. The Purdie Shuffle
8. Forever And A Day
9. But A Fool
10. Bedroom Eyes
11. Ma Belle

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