CD Review: Henrik Freischlader ~ Night Train To Budapest Farewell Tour – Live 2014

henrikHenrik Freischlader
Night Train To Budapest Farewell Tour – Live 2014
Cable Cars Records

It was a farewell tour for lovers of live music that combines stellar guitar work, vocals and funky keyboard playing blues and rock spiced up with other styles following the announcement by Henrik Frieschlader that he was saying goodbye. If you couldn’t get to a gig or want memories on a disc Night Train To Budapest is an album that will keep a piece of Frieschlader magic to be played and played again reliving precious memories of a career that bought joy to many whenever he set foot on a stage.

The ten tracks have been chosen with care and reflect the tonal variations and styles the band achieves when up on stage in front of a live audience; every track is his own and this is reflected in the deep understanding every band member has in how each track should musically unfold.

Opening with A Better Man has a feel that reflects the talents of every member of the band as the tempo and groove are set down with a funky tone that his guitar picks up and the keys from Moritz Fuhrop accentuates. This is an album that reflects the live performance with tracks ranging from 4 to 11 minutes, closing with the longest number Desert Love it feels as if the band do not want to leave the stage as they deliver a gorgeous number which is slow, reflective and showcases the stylish music we associate with Henrik and his band who work around his guitar so that there is a perfect tonal balance it is a fitting close to the album. In between we have eight numbers and we have a reggae feel with Keep Playin’ opening with the rhythm section setting the tempo Dirk Sengotta drumming and bassist Theofilos Fotiadis and once again the tone of the track picked up and reflected by Moritiz on the keys. What about the blues! You will be truly satisfied with the sting shuffling blues of Disappointed Women then up beat She Ain’t Got The Blues and the rockier blues tempo of Point Of View. This is guitar playing that always adds to the music, never imposes and has a clarity and control of a man playing at the top of his game full of verve and confidence. The vocals on every track flow along the top line delivered with style building on the foundations of Henrik’s guitar and the band of musicians who love releasing the power of Frieschlader’s music live to audiences.
We have the tribute to the guitar with clear notes and full chords with Guitar Intro the penultimate track this is an instrumental that demands your concentration as the guitar sings to you each string weaving its magic around you reaffirming the complete talent that is Henrik Frieschlader, refreshed from a break we can only hope that he returns to the stage for us to hear live once again; until then we have the album to enjoy.
Henrik is still influencing artists that are on his Label Cable Cars including Layla Zoe & Tommy Schneller as he adds his guitar magic and skills as a writer & producer.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing

1. A Better Man
2. Too Cool For Me
3. Disappointed Women
4. Keep Playin’
5. Everything Is Gone
6. Point Of View
7. Gimme All You Got
8. She Ain’t Got The Blues
9. Guitar Intro
10. Desert Love

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