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Gráinne Duffy
Test Of Time



Gráinne Duffy’s [pronounced Gron-yer] second album Test Of Time brings into your home some amazing singing guitar playing and the band. Many of the tracks included are on the set list when Gráinne and her band hit the stage and entertain you.

Test Of Time showcases her wonderful voice full of soulful sassiness, that make the lyrics fizz. The opening track may be called Everyday but there is nothing mundane about a single note, the opening introduces the power of the band before we hear her voice from our speakers for the first time with the lyrics and vocals full of nostalgia and will have you truly hooked on the message and sound being delivered.

We have a rocky number Rockin’ Rollin Stone full of blues and the guitar playing just shines through, the following track is a complete contrast with a swizzle of reggae beat added to the mix thanks to the drumming skills of Eamon Ferris and the guitar work of Paul Sherry keeping the lyrics on beat of Sweet Sweet Baby. This is a band that is so tight every note is made to count throughout this album of eleven songs written by Gráinne, Davy & John .

The album flows as the tempo and emphasis changes with the title track nestled in the middle of the album it is an upbeat number with a gravel and growl in her voice this is a track and album that means business and should be heard loud and often.

The horns opening Don’t You Remember is perfect for getting your attention as Gráinne’s vocals take a lighter approach full of optimism and joy, showing the range of her voice shaping the song to fit the mood.

Her vocals are warm and poignant on I Know We’re Gonna Be Just Fine; this is the diamond among the pearls that make this album work it is my favourite track with its endearing chorus and the piano from John McCullough hits the mark. Gráinne is a singer who plays guitar and the whole sound works as shown on the final track In My Arms; where every musician delivers music they love to play full of soulful and emotional musical intelligence.

The music created by Gráinne and her band is full of nooks and crannies of intriguing licks and chords, changes of tempo and textural tones creating an Irish rock-blues that is so much more with its inclusion of soul, country and even reggae vibes creating a modern sound that should be attracting a high following of everyone who is united in liking quality music, whether delivered via recording studio or on a stage and this album proves once again Gráinne delivers every time. So buy the album and go see the band live next time they are touring you will not be disappointed on both counts.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing
1. Everyday
2. Let Me In
3. Rockin’Rollin Stone
4. Sweet Sweet Baby
5. Test Of Times
6. Don’t You remember
7. Please Take Care
8. What More Can I Do
9. I Know We’re Gonna Be Just Fine
10. Falling For You
11. In My Arms


Gráinne Duffy: Vocals & Guitar
Paul Sherry: Second Guitar
Davy Watson: Bass
Eamon Ferris: Drums
John McCullough: Piano

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