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Delta Ladies the combination of Vicky Martin, Vocals, Bouzouki, Kandela and Guitar that is dipped in the blues and Diana Stone, vocals, Keys and violin, on Refugee they have been joined by invited musicians with style to ensure the delivery of this fusion of music styles has uniqueness in the waft and weave of every track. Refugee is twelve original and distinctive tracks that explore the tonal shapes of the instruments as they intone hints and musical shadows from across the world. The violin has hints of Hungarian folk on Last Train on a track that is inspired and drenched in the delta blues, as the train sways and takes you on a journey deep into your personal thoughts. Rising Sun is a take on House of the Rising Sun that truly has stretched and explored the instrumentation, with the heat of the Kandela a handmade instrument cross between an Appalachian Dulcimer and an old English Psaltery, Rising Sun is slow and mysterious with the Udu from Danny Bryan giving the track a breeze from the Bombay Delta.
Paranoia once again using one-off instrumentation combined with honky tonk piano and Parisian violin from Mathieu Werchowski combining to create a fog of intensity. The interplay of the violin and Alan Glen harmonica playing makes Zen Hoe-down have a quality of its own intense, hypnotic and full of a dark patination. The title track is, as is this album, so difficult to describe as the music bends, shapes and expands around the blending of world music again the music has the feel of the mysterious east, almost an instrumental with words sung like a poem appearing to add the context and shows the inspiration for the album. Closing with an English traditional sound with vocals from Anita Mazzotta, Flamborough Bay is a true story from incident that occurred in the early 1920’s you are left with a tonal experience that is explorative, imaginative and challenges many pre-conceptions.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SIX pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Devil Calling Out My Name
2. Last Train
3. More Trouble
4. Hellbound
5. Rising Sun
6. Sometimes the End is just the End
7. Paranoia
8. Devil On the Street
9. Brown Water Everywhere
10. Zen Hoe-Down
11. Refugee
12. Flamborough Way

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