CD Review: D.A. FOSTER ~ The Real Thing

the real thingBlues that is sung with skin tingling emotional depths, that is what D.A. Foster defines in this album as The Real Thing as he sings blues and rhythm & blues. Having learnt the blues from some of the greats along with starting at the age of 19 and all through his twenties as the co-owner of the legendary Connecticut roadhouse, the Shaboo Inn. This is the Inn that introduced newcomers to the wider music scene including Elvis Costello, ACDC Dire Straits and then hosted a lexicon of the blues greats Willie Dixon, BB King, Freddie King, T-Bone Walker, Bonnie Raitt and many, many more. The Real Thing is a carefully crafted album the musicians fold their music around the vocals with a flash of colour from the stinging high pitched clarion clear guitar chords from Johnny Lee Schell and tonal interest from Joe Sublett on Saxophone and the witty shadows from Mike Finnigan’s Piano and B3.
The album opens with a big band sound of horns and guitar taking third slot to the vocals on Good Man Bad Thing this is a track that hooks you to the music leaving you intrigued as to how the album is going to shape up. Following with the title track the guitar, rhythm section and vocals take you down through the song with its impeccable phrasing and timing you now just expect for the album to be as big and melodious as the sax on this track. Contemporary lyrics with even Facebook getting a mention is full of funky driven drumming and horns there is a dark menacing beat that drives the message on as he says Super Lover this track has hidden depths. Change of tempo as horns and drums kick up a rocking and rolling approach to Smack Dab in The Middle as your feet just want to dance. Now we have a Flugelhorn joining the party along with Trombone and Trumpet, Lee Thornberg stamps the sound of horns on You Can’t Just Smile It Away combined with elegant B3 Hammond this is a song that is full of musical melancholy. The Real Thing is a dozen tracks that is contemporary blues never guitar driven it has a harmonious mix of horns, keys and the old six-string all dancing to the tune of the vocals from D.A. Foster. There is nothing retro in the fifties styling of the music that is as full of contemporary crunch and hits the blues hotspot.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

D.A. Foster – The Real Thing – Vizztone

Track Listing CD

1. Good Man Bad Thing
2. The Real Thing
3. We All Fall Down
4. Ain’t Doing Too Bad
5. This Time I’m Gone For Good
6. Super Lover
7. I Need A Good Woman Bad
8. Smack Dab In The Middle
9. You Just Can’t Smile It Away
10. Lie To Me
11. Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You
12. Down Home Blues

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