CD Review: BB & The Blues Shacks ~ Businessmen

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Crosscut Records

This is the long-awaited seventh album from BB and the Blues Shacks, who are based in Hildesheim, Germany. This is a band that means business as they deliver blues that has been shaken but not stirred with a splash of soul and a good measure of rock n roll producing up beat tempo that gets your feet tapping.

The siblings Michael & Andreas Arlt are the backbone setting the tone of every track with vocals, harp and guitar. The support from Dennis Koeckstadt piano/organ; Henning Haurken Bass and new drummer Jochen Reich adds the depth of textures with the added fullness of sound that horns provide thanks to No Blow No Show making the sound an ultimate listening treat.

The opening track Out Of Tears with its keyboard introduction that wells up setting its musical stall out, this is an album that is being recorded to entertain you with its upbeat jam-packed explosion of rock n roll textures.

This is full of voluptuous sounds from horns, keys, harmonica solo’s and the characteristic and instantly recognisable vocals from Michael Arlt on all the tracks bar the instrumental Buckle Up. This instrumental has a jazzy feel and there is some great interplay between the musicians especial between guitar and organ.

The title track is full of luscious vocals that and the horns and guitar make this work with the lyrics giving this track a rougher feel, this is not a celebration of making devilish deal but ironic in fact he is a rubbish businessman.

The album of fifteen tracks has one cover, the original material all though has a familiar vibe that is definitely sit back, relax and chill music, there is nothing to confuse, challenge or really sit up and listen. That said it is an album which is satisfying to the ear and has a real feel-good ambiance. Closing with Goodbye Everybody is a fitting finale to a classy outfit that we will want to hear again very soon.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing
1. Out Of Tears
2. Gimme This, Gimme That
3. Take My Name
4. Businessmen
5. Buckle Up (instrumental)
6. Lovin Might
7. Pardon Me
8. Rain All Down My Way
9. Who’s crying Now
10. It Was A Dream
11. Hot Pants
12. Green Eye
13. I Overpaid My Dues
14. Blues Shadow
15. Goodbye Everybody

Band Members
Michael Arlt : harmonica/vocals
Andreas Arlt: guitar
Dennis Koeckstadt: piano/organ
Henning Hauerken: electric & upright bass
Jochen Reich: drums

The No Blow No Show Horns (all tracks except 5 & 10)
Tom Muller: tenor & baritone saxophone
Stefan Gossinger: trumpet
Martin Grunzweig:trombone

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