Boogie with Willcox album Gonna Get You

WillcoxBoogie with Willcox album Gonna Get You

After a twenty year absence in 2014 Sam reunited the band. So Willcox is back with this new album released in 2015 Gonna Get You. Willcox is a blues band based in France, popular on the Festival circuit delivering their brand of English Boogie fuelled blues. Two guitar players up front are J-P Chiche and Fabien Le Boedec with Sam on bass and Camille on drums the music starts to flow.

This fifteen track album has a vibe that is perfect for a Festival, good times blues infused rock n roll. Gonna Get You almost catches the live sound, at times it does not project the energy needed to make a Studio album stand out. For me there were too many tracks where the sense of musical purpose is lost in the journey from the opening title track through to The Promise.

The album has a an upbeat pace to it. The Blues changes but the tempo is always veering towards and is Rock n Roll/Boogie Blues that gets the feet tapping. Willcox does this well the lyrics take second place to the upbeat atmosphere created!Definitely going to Boogie with Willcox album Gonna Get You
The track that gives a little more for me is Devil At My Door, slightly more measured and with a swampy fuzz in the intro, yes the tone continues but as they say on the tin they boogie and back to boogie pace once again. Bad Day On The Rise also has this fuzzy feel and gives the band some depth and is for me the best track on the album. My Heads In Mississippi, with searing blues harp has a driving momentum that certainly gets you listening.

Willcox is a blues band that just wants to boogie with a style and they do this well it just lacks an edge to make them stand out from the crowd.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SIX pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Gonna Get You
2. Chipmunks Blues
3. Devil At My door
4. Kick the Dog Out
5. On the Loose
6. Bad Storm
7. Head Down
8. Get Out Of There
9. Bad Day On The rise
10. Baby Blue
11. Like Rock N Roll
12. Gonna Boogie
13. My Heads in Mississippi
14. 32 Miles
15. The Promise

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