The Blue Horizon is Energised on Volume 1

The Blue Horizon is Energised on Volume 1

The Blue Horizon is Energised on Volume 1

The Blue Horizon leap into action with I Don’t Care.Opening with a flourish of energy that no horizon, however deep and wide can contain. This is high-value rock with attitude and yes they do care about the timing and quality of sound they produce then the horizon varies as throughout the album The Blue Horizon demonstrate the scope and versatility of a young band going places. Not heard of them? – You will soon this Weston-Super-Mare power trio is like sea air, cleansing and invigorating they delight with riffs, licks and clashing of cymbals. Justified is a chance for Iain Eccleston to give his chords an airing both the gusty vocals and guitar that drives the rhythm section on with lead breaks that take you somewhere and are never an endless road of self-absorbed twiddling. This is a trio that retains their shape and form as they re-form the blues with some funky twists and deft jazzy turns at all times thanks to bassist Ed Gurlach and drummer Josh Armitage. Into the mix on the album is Paul Quinn on keyboards adding deeper textures and Bob Dixon with his amazing pedal steel.

With the modernity of the title Zero Hour Contract the Blues/Rock calms and the train grinds on with an intensity matching the lyrics that hurt with their force and relevance as they explore modern life and working conditions. We have seen the belligerence unleashed through the rocking blues instrumentation and then on a sixpence the horizon changes storm clouds tamed and a slower blues-drenched number unfurls. On Your Shoulders may be less harsh but again the vocals keep your attention and the delicate piano and pedal curls into a complexity of textures that makes this track sparkle as the violin picks up the soaring tensions. Four tracks in and the guitar work, lyrics and power have you hooked into the sound that The Blue Horizon is creating. This is a band that excites. Half way through and the blues is hotting up with some pure blues guitar playing from Iain and the band. This feels like traditional urban blues as Iain sings ‘since you have gone’ on Life Without You. The staccato drumming picks out the life so Blue and then the unexpected. No not a picking up and back to high-energy blues-rock with the addition of a stunning violin line this is a beautiful track. Now we go down to the chippy on the seafront with A Fish Fryer’s Blues. This is not the yesterday’s news wrapped up blues but a jazzy twist and the vocals curling around the instrumentation as the lyrics unfold again there is the hurt and life’s futility encapsulated in blues fuelled lyrics. So we have had rock, urban and jazz blues are we back to high energy as the album hits the final three numbers. No – I’m Broken has energy injected with a syrupy funk tonal treat this is a darker side of the horizon. Closing with Vanishing Love a slow blues track with glorious guitar work once again, leaving you with the lingering dual delights of great guitar work and vocals. I am positive The Blue Horizon will not be vanishing into any distant horizon anytime soon. Volume 1 is a promise of great things to come in Volume 2…

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


The Blue Horizon – Volume 1 – Independent Release Date: 1st April 2016
Track Listing
1. I Don’t Care (Go Fuck Yourself)
2. Justified
3. Zero Hour Contract
4. On Our Shoulders
5. Big House
6. Life without You
7. Walking Out On You
8. A Fish Fryer’s Blues
9. I’m Broken
10. Every Last One Of Us

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