Blood Money – Blues from Master Danny Bryant

Danny Bryant Blood MoneyBlood Money –

Blues from Master Danny Bryant.

With a moody bounce of the drum, stinging guitar and vocals from Danny Bryant means only one thing the Blues are back in the room. Full of moody lyrics and riffs and lead breaks that are spellbinding, everyone will have a willingness to exchange Blood Money for a copy of Danny’s latest work.

Danny is a bluesman finding his roots deep in a dirtier, rougher sound less about guitar power more about cadences, the exploration of the light and shade with the chords. Yes, the lead breaks are full of electric energy but there is also a controlled verve that gives a venomous feel to every track on Blood Money – Blues from Master Danny Bryant.
Danny Bryant is never far from a stage playing live the music that he loves and this studio album captures a deep inner spirit that glows with the fingertips of the past and is at the same time a complete contemporary album, full of lyrics of hurt and pain of living each day in the modern world.
Blood Money is intense, driven by a personal mission every lyric is delivered with heartfelt passion that grinds out a guitar that picks up the mood and embellishes the tone from the high to the low notes.

Opening with the title track the guitars growl around the chords as Danny is joined by Walter Trout. The number written explicitly with Walter in mind. Why? Walter has been his guitar mentor since a chance meeting when he was thirteen, the emotion on Danny’s voice as he says “take it” and Walter takes the lead break and closes the track making it very personal. Danny’s guitar is the heart soul and musical lifeblood of the album the fingering and phrasing is intricate and adds depth and underpins the lyrical sentiment on moving tracks including Slow Suicide and On The Rocks; you need no words as the instrument says it all.

This is an album full of musical tones and textures Sugar Sweet is not sweet but full of huge sounds, this is rock that has stepped into Blues and then expanded it beyond the horizon. Bernie Marsden joins Danny’s guitar on Just Won’t Burn, with a Hammond and two huge guitars this isn’t clash of the titans but a melodic co-operation that produces a huge deep sound it works perfectly. How do you bring this immense album to a close with its variety of styles, sweat drenched emotions and cascading chords, you sing Sara Jayne a poignantly beautiful ballad.
This is his third album produced by Richard Hammerton, and will get Danny noticed for all the right reasons mature musicianship and stunning guitar.
RELEASE DATE: 29th January 2016, – Jazzhaus Records; YES it is too early to be album of 2016 but I have no doubt come the end of December we will still be playing the album and it will be in the mix.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Blood Money (featuring Walter Trout),
2. Master Plan
3. Slow Suicide
4. Unchained
5. On The Rocks
6. Sugar Sweet
7. Fool’s Game
8. Holding All The Cards
9. Just Won’t Burn (featuring Bernie Marsden)
10. Sara Jayne

Dannyy is on tour throughout FEBRUARY 2016 – Check out dates and book your tickets HERE

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