Another Mile Another Minute From Australian Geoff Achison Blues and More

Another Mile Another Minute From Australian Geoff Achison Blues and MoreAnother Mile, Another Minute From Australian Geoff Achison Blues and More. The album hitting the speakers after a ten-year absence from the studio is definitely worth the wait. With fourteen original songs that mix the styles, showcasing Geoff’s songwriting prowess and free form approach to his stamp on the blues.


Another Mile, Another Minute sees Geoff working once again with The Souldiggers and some special friends adding to the textures and tones from funk to country whilst adding some rock, as he takes the blues a mile further.  Geoff Achison the award-winning blues-roots musician brings to his album clever orchestration, weaving of styles and his distinctive vocals that deliver lyrics that we can all relate to.

Opening with High Wire, the groove is set deep with a jazzy vibe we are on the move with an urgency to the riff as we sit back to enjoy the first release in ten years from Achison.  This is going to be a walk on the High Wire that we are going to enjoy as the texture of the album changes for the first of many across the fourteen tracks. The speed slows and acoustic country rules as the shaping of Johnny Cash is evoked in the vocal tone, this is full of atmosphere with drumming that sparkles and the electric guitar adds a sting to its tail.  So what next we have funky. In fact, through the album, we have two helpings of Achison’s funk attitude. Working My Way Back Home and Sum Peeples, Got All Da Fonk.  This change of tonal range and beat gives the album interest and shows the versatility of a performer who has explored a host of musical styles.

Adding into the mix we have harmonica solo from Chris Wilson that spices up the track and definitely as the title says I’m Going To Ride this track more than once. With guest vocals that have grit and emotional outpouring from Lloyd Spiegel on I Wish You Were Mine as he calls for black coffee.  Throughout the album, the horns lift tracks and pull the tension as Geoff pleads Baby Come Back, the backing vocals of Susie Ahern are stylish adding depth throughout whenever she appears.  Closing out with an acoustic number Front Porch Farewell, we are once again reminded of Geoff’s skilful guitar playing, the calm instrumental pulls all the musical styles woven throughout the album back to the heart of the music Blues-roots. It is understandable that the album has been nominated in Australia for Blues album 2017. Another Mile, Another Minute From Australian Geoff Achison is definitely Blues and More that you will want to return to.

Geoff Achison – Another Mile, Another Minute – Jupiter 2 Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. High Wire
  2. Delta Dave
  3. Working My Way Back Home
  4. I’m Gonna Ride
  5. A New Bad Habit
  6. I Wish You Were Mine
  7. Another Mile, Another Minute
  8. Make No Mistake
  9. Dreaming I’m Awake
  10. Sum Peeples Got All Da Fonk
  11. Baby Come Back
  12. I Need Help
  13. Make My Stand
  14. Front Porch Farewell

Another Mile Another Minute From Australian Geoff Achison Blues and More

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