Zoe Schwarz & Blue Commotion ~ Exposed – CD Review

exposed-fcZoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
33 Records

This is an album crossing the genre river and flows with quality as the band and Zoe dip into Jazz, Blues, Soul and Rock. It is Zoe’s voice that drives the shape of every track, this she is able to do as the musicians that surround her can up the beat, slow it down or just give a subtle accompaniment. This is demonstrated in the opening track Angel of Mercy – where Zoe’s voice is that of a loving kitten and then with the flick of the drum stick the volume and passion rises as she shapes the music around the lyrics.

This is an album that like all fine music gains another dimension every time you listen to it and you hear another shade, or appreciate the hidden majesty of the harp playing on Let’s Explain, this because the first time you are captivated by the lyrical story being told as Zoe gives almost a perfect response to Billie Holiday’s Don’t Explain. Rob’s guitar playing gives this track a real Blues-Jazz edge that leaves you swirling with emotions. .. Formidable & So Strong Zoe sings a description of her own vocal talents.

This is an album where Zoe and her Blue Commotion have honed their immense skills to produce an album that has a mixture of a soothing hand on a hot forehead on You’re Not Alone through to the dragon’s fiery vocal breath when Zoe opens up her voice and delivers on tracks such as Let Me Sing The Blues.

I’m Glad is full of soul and is a party tune that gets you up and dancing and will bring a smile to your face as the instrumentation drives the vocals along.
You Knock Me Out has an amazing mix of organ and harp that sets the feel of an imp up to mischief that is followed through by Zoe and then finishing the album with a stylish clap along live blues number Broken Heart Blues. Zoe is queen of the vocals and the Blues Commotion build up the stylish and at times stormy accompaniment making Exposed an album where they all want you to have a fantastic time while listening to their shaping of the blues in delivering thirteen stylish tracks, their most accomplished yet.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Zoe Schwarz – Vocals
Rob Koral – Guitar
Pete Whittaker – Hammond Organ
Si Genaro = Harmonica/Backing Vocals
Paul Robinson – Drums/Percussion

Ian Ellis – Tenor Saxaphone
Andy Urquhart Trumpet (Tracks 5, 7, 10 & 11)
Carl Chamberlain – Backing Vocals (track 3)

Track Listing
Angel Of Mercy – (Koral/Schwarz)
Smile – (Koral/Schwarz)
Let Me Sing The Blues – (Koral/Schwarz)
Let’s Explain (Blues For Billie) – (Koral/Schwarz)
You Knock Me Out – (Koral/Schwarz)
Heroes – (Sue Hawker/ Rob Koral)
If I had Wings – (Koral/Schwarz)
I No longer Feel Blue – (Koral/Schwarz)
You’re Not Alone – (Koral/Schwarz)
I’m Glad – (Koral/Schwarz)
I Wonder Who My Next Man Will Be – (Koral/Schwarz)
Fifteen Days – (Koral/Schwarz)
Broken Heart Blues – (Koral/Schwarz)

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