The World Moves On with The Hitman Blues Band

The World Moves On with The Hitman Blues BandThe World Moves On with The Hitman Blues Band

The Hitman Blues Band, proclaim themselves as original modern blues. They must be laying the grooves down as they have been nominated in five Grammy awards with The World Moves On. Opening with Bad Bad Man, deep bass lines drive the menace of the bad man with the beguiling mix of Memphis colliding with Chicago and then moves on at its own Hitman tempo. This mix of blues styles continues with modern electric delta vibe on That’s What It’s Like To Be A Man with the honkie tonk piano beat and stinging guitar. The addition of horns on the previously released material gives the tracks a lift adding another musical dimension.

The tempo changes with Moving On this has a sixties vibe with the colouring of the doors but not a copy as the band shapes the tracks to suit the blues they want to play. The tracks all have a different tone and shape keeping your interest. The constant is the quality of the musicianship and the interaction between the players. We hit off with the driving force of the band on vocals and guitar with Russell “Hitman” Alexander supported by keys from Kevin Bents who shines throughout and a rhythm section that hits the sweet spot comprising bassist Mike Perter and Drummer Guy Fontaine. The horn section that re-ignites the tracks are Mickey Vitale on Tenor Sax and Nick Clifford on Baritone Sax.

As you would expect with a blues train song we have harp, thanks to special guest Neil Alexander adding the feeling of steam, urgency and the tracks that the iron wheels are turning on again and again. Closing out with the classic Willie Dixon’s Hoochie Coochie, providing a perfect example of how The World Moves On with The Hitman Blues Band. This is blues that passes the test of time and will have feet tapping and the blues groove dark and strong.

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

The Hitman Blues Band – The World Moves On  – Nerus Records
Track Listing

  1. Bad Bad Man
  2. Don’t You Tempt Me
  3. Jenny Goodbye
  4. Hammer Down
  5. Catch-22 Blues
  6. I’m All About You
  7. Angel In The Shadows
  8. The World Moves On
  9. Bad Bad Man
  10. Two Minute Warning
  11. Moving On
  12. That’s What It’s Like To Be A Man
  13. Two Trains Running
  14. Hoochie Coochie Man


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