Wilde Blues-Harp in Hamburg

Wilde Blues-Harp in Hamburg

Wilde Blues-Harp in Hamburg

Will Wilde, Live in Hamburg is a mirror shining a light on why he is a live performer. Wilde Blues-Harp in Hamburg really does capture the playing from Will and the band in the moment. The adrenalin fueled energy that drives live music to that one feels is never quite captured in a studio. Live in Hamburg, has half-a-dozen previously unrecorded gems added to the mix are stand out numbers from his previous albums Unleashed and Raw Blues.

Opening with If I Get My Hands on You, greeted with cheers and driving guitar from Danny Giles we are on the road again with a Canned Heat/Southern Rock feel to the rhythm and guitar. This opening track reflects the always great Will Wilde re-enactment of Canned Heat’s On The Road Again. The opening and closing tracks are the perfect fit for a live album reflecting life of a touring musician getting the music live and personal to audiences far and wide. The opening track like the rest of the album captures the dual aspects of talent Will’s piercing Harp that shapes the melody and his vocals deep and emotionally charged.

Now the tempo rises and the music warms with Angel Came Down. The rhythm section drives this along with Victoria Smith laying down the bass line and Alan Taylor’s drumming punctuating blues-harp that weeps with a dripping intensity. A homage to the blues, What Makes People is a driving combination of the band as they artfully provide an inspired foundation for the harp to fly with energy into the musical stratosphere of free-form beauty. With a beat of the drum, weeping harp, Paranoia floats with intrigue almost as if the music has become paranoid itself. Then the lyrics are augmented with tasty riffs from Danny and the harp providing the licks. The layers of sound are complex, never over-stated as the track is all about the lyrics as the tale unfolds around the distrust Paranoia brings. As the deterioration of health and despair and frustration grows the harp becomes more intense the feeling of deep sadness overlaid with panic flows out of the speaker and dramatic track marking the half-way point. The instinctive applause after the harp-break is the reaction of a live audience immersed in the moment.

Philby, a Rory Gallagher number changes the tension with a Rock n Roll feeling number and the mood lightens the harp once again focuses your attention. Will is without argument a prodigious harmonica player. We now see a different side of Will as he plays lead guitar on The Girl I Love and Jealous Woman, a true multi-instrumentalist. The inclusion of these two tracks adds depth and another texture and tonal context as we listen for over an hour the wondrous music of Will and his band.

As the album draws to a close A Man and the Blues, a slower number that again contains that Wilde intensity that makes his singing and harp stand out from the crowd. His band is awesome and the guitar break from Danny is sublime; a blues beauty. The whole album is a testament to the power of live blues music reflecting the wonderful talent of Will and his band and how fortunate we are to be able to see blues of this quality at clubs and festivals around the country. Live albums capture the moment but not the same as actually being in the same room as when the artist performs.

Wilde Blues-Harp in Hamburg had full control of the audience and sparkled, buy the album and get to see him live at least once a year.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Will Wilde – Live In Hamburg  Release date 29th January 2016 Purchase HERE

Track Listing

1. If I get My Hands On you
2. Angel Came Down
3. Thirty Eight
4. What Makes People
5. Your Days Are Numbered
6. Paranoia
7. Philby
8. The Girl I Loved
9. Jealous Woman
10. A Man and the Blues
11. On the Road Again

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