Wild Guitar with Joanne Shaw Taylor

Wild Guitar with Joanne Shaw Taylor


Wild Guitar with Joanne Shaw Taylor

The album Wild is Joanne Shaw Taylor brimming with confidence. There is maturity of sound, the guitar work is a compelling mix of sharp, bluesy then a lead break with a rocking energy  depending on the track. The production by Kevin Shirley is superb and makes this her fifth studio album the best that Joanne has unleashed for her fans to go wild over.

Opening with Dyin’ to Know you and anybody who hasn’t heard Joanne Shaw Taylor before will want to get to know her music real fast with this raw edgy blues riff driven number.  As you sit back enjoying her blues you are then thrown in Ready To Roll, a bucking bronco wild ride of squealing guitar energy and a band that adds depth to the JST tone throughout. The musicians from Joe Bonamassa’s band hit the mark letting the guitar sing and the vocals growl with a melodic intent.   It is the subtle lick and interactions from Rob McNally’s guitar and Michael Rhodes bass that acts as an underscoring always there but never dominating that fills in the textures to the tone of Joanne’s guitar.

With the pre-release single No Reason To Stay, we are back on home territory blues that has a rock vibe, riffs that flow and keys that punctuate. But it is so much more, Joanne adds her sparkle, and shapes this seemingly traditional number into a track that stands out in the crowd.  Following on is Wild Is The Wind a stunning song full of lyrical emotion and melodies that pull the listener deep into the soul of the song.  A quieter side of Joanne full of passion and her vocals have a maturity and simple beauty that is found throughout the album.

The contrasts in the tracks are startling as the romance and softer side are then full of angst. Then we have a slighty grungy guitar for I’m In Chains, with the backing vocal echoing JST’s I’m In Chains. We feel trapped as the words and guitar grow in intensity and the continuing staccato guitar riff that will make this edgy number instantly recognizable.

The numbers are not all angst and sorrow we have fun from the off with the horns arranged by Lee Thornburg  calling us to join her party with My Hearts Got A Mind of Its Own.   Then the rock infused penultimate track now the party is kickin’ with Nothin’ To Lose.

The songwriting on the ten original tracks is strong with Joanne collaborating with various writers giving the lyrics the power to match her scintillating guitar that will always get her noticed. The last track the only cover is the Gershwin number Summertime, an unexpected addition to the mix, does it work? Yes! It does. The piano is a perfect foil to Joanne’s vocals that are raw, emotional and full of texture as she controls the lyrics, as she mixes Ella with Janis then making the number her own. A Stripped back calm number finishing the album leaves you crazy to see her live.

There is a ferocity in the delivery that makes this an album where you want to hear the music live, the tempo and a sense of purpose that has a wildness in its sense of freedom. Joanne Shaw Taylor’s mighty potential has been unleashed and set free resulting in a ride of musical delights that is compelling and Wild.

Joanne Shaw Taylor – Wild – Release Date 30th September 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Dyin’ To Know
  2. Ready To Roll
  3. Get You Back
  4. No reason To Stay
  5. Wild Is The Wind
  6. Wanna Be My Lover
  7. I’m In Chains
  8. I Wish I Could Wish You Back
  9. My Heart’s Got A Mind Of It’s Own
  10. Nothin’ To Lose
  11. Summertime


Joanne Shaw Taylor is out on Tour in the UK. Tickets are selling like hot cakes – check out venues and buy your place on the Wild tour – HERE 

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