WaterBear Announce Amazing Opportunity to Rising Bands

WaterBear Announce Amazing Opportunity to Rising Bands

Listen up, music makers, and you’ll hear opportunity knocking. Applications are open for slots on The Rising Stage at The Ramblin’ Man Fair 2019.

Your first stage in the journey to The Rising Stage at The Ramblin’ Man Fair 2019     Is Email your EPK (electronic press kit) to risingstage@waterbear.io, with “Ramblin’ Man” in the message’s subject box. The EPK should include your biography, one video and links to your socials. If you haven’t got an EPK together, check out the WaterBear blog entry on how to put an effective package together and make use of it: Putting Together Electronic Press Packs.

WaterBear’s Bruce John Dickinson has taken on the task of shortlisting the bands personally.  Out of the many hundreds expected to apply, Bruce will make a shortlist of forty that will go straight to The Ramblin’ Man team. In the New Year, they will then pick the winners and final line-up. This year the Rising Stage runs across 2 days, which means that there are twice as many slots available as there were last year!

Keep an eye out for The Big Red who will be running an opportunity for this stage as well.

There’ll also be the usual ‘Wild Card’ slot, chosen by The Ramblin’ Man team themselves.

That gives you three bites at the cherry – three ways to potentially get a place on the line-up!

Bruce’s Top Tips:

  1. The Ramblin’ Man team LOVE to see a progression, so bands that were in the running last year that can show progression and putting in the groundwork to build up an audience, following, social media sign-up etc., increase their chances.
  2. Experience, musicianship and professionalism: the team look for bands with what it takes to pull off a festival slot, with all the associated pressure and technical demands, such as fast changeovers no sound check, etc.
  3. It’s about The Music! We’re looking for talent, quality, originality and entertainment value for the festival.

A slot at Ramblin’ Man Fair can be a great showcase for your band and a stepping stone to bigger things. Artists like Kris Barras, Wayward Sons, Stone Broken, and Massive Wagons have all played the Fair previously.

Deadline for submissions is Jan 1st 2019. So what are you waiting for?! Get your application in. We can’t wait to hear your music!

Terms and Conditions:
i. Any bands or band members who work for WaterBear are not eligible to enter. Students who study at WaterBear and bands who have attended the Underground Music Conferences are eligible and encouraged to apply.
ii. Bands that apply do not have to be local to the festival, however, bands from Kent are particularly encouraged to apply.
iii. Online conduct will be taken into account.
iv. The shortlist of bands will be selected by Bruce John Dickinson. This will be decided on a number of factors including musical merit, genre, suitability, fan engagement and how actively the band are progressing their own career.
v. The Ramblin’ Man team will choose the line-up and their decision will be final.

i. Bands must enter by either sending an EPK or a bio, 1 video and links to the band social media to risingstage@wbear.io
ii. Bands must only apply if they are available on the dates of the festival. The stage will run on Sat 20th and Sun 21st July 2019.
iii. The deadline for submissions is January 1st 2019.
iv. Ramblin’ Man fair will announce details of the ‘wild card’ fan vote for one slot on the stage in the new year.
v. The timing of the final announcement of the line-up will be decided by Ramblin’ Man Fair. This is expected to be around April 2019.

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WaterBear Announce Amazing Opportunity to Rising Bands

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