Walter Trout Alive In Amsterdam playing Hot Blues

Walter Trout Alive In Amsterdam playing Hot Blues

Walter Trout Alive In Amsterdam playing Hot Blues

The back story of Walter Trout’s recent clash with death where he rose victorious has been well documented and the joy of hearing his studio album Battle Scars was for his legion of fans affirmation the blues Phoenix had truly risen from the ashes of despair. Now, back playing live we have the sound of Walter back on stage Alive in Amsterdam playing hot blues with verve, passion and poise.

Marie’s moving introduction and rapturous ovation from the audience leaves Walter speechless, but his guitar and vocals do all the talking we want to hear. Opening with Play The Guitar, and Walter certainly does that, the whole instrument bends to his deft and assured touch. This is Walter back at the top of his game after the traumas he has been through there is an added energy delight in playing with a raw untamed energy of finding music again. Luther Allison cover, I’m Back says it all as the blues flow with high-octane emotion he is stated “I am back ready for anything and playing better than ever”. His tribute to BB King Say Goodbye To The Blues, was full of every shade of blue that can be pulled from the guitar with the organ in the background adding another later of textural interest shaping the chords.

In the centre of the live show are six poignant tracks from his critically acclaimed album Battle Scars opening with Almost Gone and closing with Fly Away. Walter is definitely not gone from stage and studio his blues are not going to Fly Away anytime soon. Walter though is playing the music the fans have always loved with son Jon joining him on Rock Me Baby as Father and Son jam this is live music capturing the moment. The audience is loud, and happy when a guy shouts out Marie’s Mood, the set list changes as Walter laughs and plays it for the audience. This is what makes live music special, yes captured here for posterity but the special memories belong to the audience; in Amsterdam on the 28th November 2015 at the opulent Royal Theatre Carré

His band are outstanding. The centre of attention is on Walter, the emotions are all pulled from his amazing journey overcoming liver failure and a transplant. It is the band that gives him the space to play Michael Leasure’s drumming has the beat measured at times intense, then restrained joined by bassist Johnny Griparic. The Rhythm section keeps the tempo tight as Walter flies with licks and riffs bouncing off his stinging guitar. Into the mix and the tonal complexities of the keys from Sammy Avila you have a quartet of Blue that delivers the Blues with deep emotions.

Walter Trout Alive In Amsterdam playing Hot Blues, is a bold statement of resurrection. Walter is back the pain and fear diminished, not forgotten and re-shaping his blues with another layer of wisdom and pebbles from the road of life and the journey of healing. The power of love, support and the blues runs deep through every emotionally wrought track. Played in Amsterdam to fans who lived every moment of the painful and difficult road to health, documented by Marie who took time out to keep the fans informed of every high and low. He is back full of potency, playing his blues, nothing laid back and taking it easy for Walter he is on fire Alive in Amsterdam.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Walter Trout – Alive in Amsterdam – released 17th June on Mascot/Provogue

Track Listing 

  1. Marie’s Introduction
  2. Play The Guitar
  3. Help Me
  4. I’m Back
  5. Say Goodbye To The Blues
  6. Almost Gone
  7. Omaha
  8. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away
  9. Playin’ Hideaway
  10. Haunted By The Night
  11. Fly Away
  12. Please Take Me Home
  13. Rock Me Baby
  14. Marie’s Mood
  15. Serve Me Right To Suffer
  16. The Love The We Once Knew

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