Virginmarys Never Divides Rock That Grabs Attention Now

Virginmarys Never Divides Rock That Grabs Attention Now

Virginmarys Never Divides
Rock That Grabs Attention Now


The Virginmarys Never Divides Rock That Grabs Attention Now, is an album that you want to hear not once, not twice but over and over again. In the world of cocktails The Virgin Mary is safe, tame non-alcoholic version of the real deal the vodka spiced Bloody Mary! Divides is definitely an album full of spicy Rock licks and riffs, the melodic lines which are fragrant with emotions that adds the grit and drive to the vocals. The vocals from guitarist All Dickaty and Bassist Matt Rose do justice to the lyrics, which have something to say and roll around your ears like a perfectly mixed cocktail, ear worms that are invited with pleasure.

The Virginmarys are a trio hailing from Macclesfield and glory in the rock sound they create from Dany Dolan on drums creating the hot beat, shaping the tempo for Matt to develop and Ally to add further layers of interest. Divides, is an album that explores the shape of Rock, loud, fast and more restrained gentler numbers. Moths To The Flame nine tracks into the dozen on the album gives everyone a breather and confirms that Divides is an album that has a context, shape and sense of purpose from opening track Push The Pedal through to Living In My Peace.

Divides is that difficult second album, they have nailed-it as with dirty honesty they reflect life in the twenty-first century Britain. The album is not harking back to a rosier time it is about the here and now. The album looks at society and concludes that it is better to love than hate and division through fear is an evil than needs to be conquered. Motherless Land is a punk-driven rock number that encapsulates the feeling of the album, angry, wanting change and society to re-shape itself as a kinder place to be.

Virginmarys Never Divides Rock That Grabs Attention NowBands in the promo material often share a quote, this one really does reflect the tone and concept of Divides as an album. “This album has been filtered through the anger and frustration of living in a crumbling and fucked up society run by those who couldn’t care less whether you live, die, eat or starve so long as their own status and life style is maintained within a self-serving system,” muses band frontman Ally Dickaty on the themes that carve through the record.

Virginmarys never Divides rock that grabs attention now by playing music that has something relevant to say, they have a contemporary British Rock feel pulling on punk, anthem rock, and twists of Britpop creating the Viginmarys sound that is one-hundred percent the trio’s emotional thoughts and outpourings.

Throughout the album, it is an out-pouring of the bands collective anger and frustrations at how society has divided and fractured. Closing with a stripped down number Living In My Peace the glimmer of hope flickers.  This is an album that will gain The Virginmarys all the right attention.  Divides needs to be listened to and we all can reset the world by being kinder and create a fairer less divided society.  The Viginmarys have painted a picture reflecting the now, the future can be different. One thing that shouldn’t change is the quality of the gritty vocals, full beat and rock delights that are The Virginmarys.

The Virginmarys – Divide – Wind-up Records

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Push The Pedal
  2. For You To Love
  3. Halo In Her Silhouette
  4. Free To Do Whatever They Say
  5. I Wanna Take You Home
  6. Walk In My Shoes
  7. Kill The Messenger
  8. Into The Dust
  9. Moths To A Flame
  10. Motherless Land
  11. Falling Down
  12. Living In My Peace



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