Update from Team Gwdihŵ…

Gwdihŵ – Valued Live music venue in the heart of Cardiff needs your HELP!!!

We’d like to say a massive and sincere thank you for all the love and support that we’ve received since announcing our closure. It’s been wonderful and moving to read all the messages and stories. We can’t thank Minty and the Save Gwdihŵ & Guildford Crescent campaign team enough for all their hard work. We are also very grateful to Jo Stevens MP for Cardiff Central – who would’ve thought Gwdihŵ would be debated in Parliament?! We’ve been totally overwhelmed by the response.

Update from Team Gwdihŵ... A Way Forward?
Since we read this announcement a lot has been happening. Positivity is a great motivator.
There is now hope that Gwdihŵ –
Valued Live music venue in the heart of Cardiff MAY rise again like a music fuelled Pheonix How?... keep reading and giving your support

This response has also been a great motivator and so, with all the uncertainty around Guildford Crescent, we’ve been looking at ways to move forward and safeguard the venue for the future. Currently, our preferred option is to work with Wales Co-Operative Centre to open up Gwdihŵ as a community-owned business, much like Le Public Space in Newport and Exchange in Bristol. But to do this we’ll need your help!

Would you like to invest in Gwdihŵ and become a shareholder? Do you have skills in any field that might help us move forward? If you’d like to be involved in any way, please fill in this form and let us know how you think you might be able to help. We’d love to hear from every single one of you. If, as expected, we have to leave Guildford Crescent on January 31st then we’ll use this money and expertise to move into another venue. If somehow we get to stay, we’ll look to expand the current space on Guildford Crescent. Either way, these pledges will give us the power to go to organisations – be they the council, funding bodies, venues – and ask for help. We can’t do this without you.

Update from Team Gwdihŵ... A Way Forward?

Gwdihw Fundraiser with Bedford Falls, Oh Peas!, Live Do Nothing
Update from Team Gwdihŵ... A Way Forward?

OWL BAR ALL DAYER feat Esuna / Silent Forum & more
Update from Team Gwdihŵ... A Way Forward?
Full listing of events click HERE

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