Twelve Spells of The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes Twelve Spells

Twelve Spells of Stone Foxes

New album and U.K. Tour Dates



Twelve Spells of The Stone Foxes, fourth studio album from a San Francisco based quintet who have kicked up a storm and for fans are over in UK early 2016 who will have their first opportunity to hear them live! The album has its UK physical release on March 18th and is available digitally now! Stone Foxes will be pleasing fans who have already found the music and those who hear them live on tour with their sun drenched rock spiced up with blues deep in the heart of the Stone Foxes sound.


The baker’s dozen of tracks that have the frisson of experimentation that runs over the rock backdrop; each song has a distinctive element that adds up to the Stone Foxes musical lexicon of sound clouds. This is Rock that rolls with the beats of rock, swaggering with the blues entwined in West Coast slacker riffs. The tracks are in the now as they address issues that are imported to the here and now and at the same time resonate with music from deep in the annals of time, as they tackle income, inequality and the Occupy Movement and relationships.


Opening with a track that curls and winds itself around a distorted stomp beat with the vocals loud and up front, the track is full of musical energy holding the interest and intriguing your musical ear. Rock N Roll kicks in on This Town and Locomotion, the beat kicks with a raw energy that captivates the keys and percussion add layers of tonal sounds to This Town. Much of the album is loud even raucous, then tracks Cold Like A killer and Jericho calm down the tempo the vocals are quieter the words are delivered as a tonal poem similar to a sermon, you are drawn in and you become part of the music.


This is an album that pleases and at times delights it is as a whole hit and miss some tracks lacking the grittiness that they hint at I would have liked to have seen the rock Blues dirtier, swampier in a hill country style and the rock grungier making the most of the vocal prowess with The Stone Foxes combined with the driving guitar riffs and a rhythm section that wants to shape the music.


This is an album of a band in transformation with new members and is a sound that may define the early 21st Century that cross-genre blending of independently minded musicians punked-up rock blues using rock n’ roll as the springboard to the beat. The stand out elements are the lyrics, Twelve Spells of The Stone Foxes has something to say and they say it loud and clear.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Eye For Love
  2. I Want To Be You
  3. This Town
  4. Cold Like Killer
  5. She Said riot
  6. Dying Star
  7. It Ain’t Nothing
  8. Y.T. (New York Talk)
  9. Jericho
  10. My Place
  11. Greasin’ Up The Doorman
  12. Locomotion
  13. Count Me As One

Listen to Locomotion Here and pre-order the album


Tour Dates


03/02 – Bristol, Start The Bus
04/02 – Bath, Moles
05/02 – Glasgow, Record Factory
06/02 – Edinburgh, The Mash House
07/02 – Liverpool, Maguire’s Pizza Bar
09/02 – Manchester, Fallow Café
10/02 – Leeds, A Nation Of Shopkeepers
11/02 – Bournemouth, 60 Million Postcards
12/02 – London, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
13/02 – Brighton, The Gladstone

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