Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions

Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions

Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions


The sound is full of a swaggering confidence as the Belgian Trio, Triggerfinger struts out an array of sounds and styles across Colossus. Ten tracks, and thirty-five minutes to get acquainted with Triggerfinger the Belgium Rockers. The band have been building a reputation across Europe, USA and Canada. This their fifth studio album and a UK tour sees them hitting the UK, not with soft and scrumptious Belgian Chocolate but hard-hitting deliverance of rock. The album sees the band changing direction. How? By taking the time-out and mixing a Triggerfinger cocktail combining different sonics and styles into their mainstay rock. So Ruben Block, Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goossens did just that. Kicking themselves clear of their comfort zone, they built a studio and Colossus was born. Ruben Block said. “The previous albums were all built on roaring energy and the live interaction between the three of us. That was not our main concern anymore. This time the song would be king.  ‘Anything goes’, that was our motto. Acoustic instruments, samples, keyboards, percussion, two bass guitars: as long as they served the song, we were happy.” Did they achieve a mighty album for me it is a mix of yes and no.

With ten original tracks, they have allowed themselves to be immersed in their creative juices. What I can say with confidence is as you listen to the album expect the unexpected. If one track is not for you the next may be with you. The granite base of the band is rock into this like an experimental cocktail they have mixed carefully selected pieces of influences. From pop to punk and electro-sound effects. This is no smooth elixir of music.  It is a mix that challenges the listener. At times not accessible. They have followed their own muse never creating music with one ear on will this be commercial. This is a cocktail rough and smooth with undertones of sweet and a ripple of a bitter bite.

Opening with the title track, they take a giant leap after the initial voice-over of Wait! Wait! The wait is over they take us straight into loud, driving hard edge rock with a raw energy that puts down a marker we mean business, we are making our own musical statement. With no time to take breath w, delve into Flesh Tight. It is intense with lots of sharp edges and this is softened with a gentler pop-infused vibe. The two textures collide and merge into a cohesive number as Block’s vocals rule the lyric. Leading us to the third track what a trio to open an album with Candy Killer. Dark, chilling reflecting a tension as the atmosphere is thick with death. Not so much death by chocolate but by Killer Killer.

The mood of the album changes by Afterglow with it sonic shift shaping an opening that leads down an unexpected path. The track is stripped back acoustic. It is counter-intuitive to the rest of the album and acts as a full top to the first half of the album that has been dominated by deep bass from Van Bruystegem with its mix of funky chords and rock grooves, strident guitar and drumming on the beat.

Opening the second half with Breathlessness which is reminiscent of British rock of the nineties. The feel of Manic Street Preachers, but here they have made the sound their own. This is a rock number thanks to the gritty sharp guitar work from Block. The chords squeal and curl around the rhythmic drumming from Goosens.  The journey continues. The rock is tasty. The opening of Bring Me Back A Live Wild One catches your attention from the first to the last note. The vocals change tone and growl and howl. Then on a sixpence, the guitar strum changes to full-on electric fiesta with the vocals deeper and electro sonics. A song of two halves that somehow does not connect in the middle.

Closing out the album with an instrumental Woolensak Walk. Again with sonics that at first seem discordant moving away from the granite rock base. Then you realise we have been taken into a new direction with a wild country electric twang-infused with a bluesy riff. This is so unexpected as they have taken a Colossus step and got their influence to walk away from the album from across the Atlantic.   Let the silence continue as there is a hidden track, ironic, will make you smile and worth the wait.

Triggerfinger, are courageous. They have been bold and overall the direction of travel works. Is the album a giant among the albums released in 2017? No!. Is it an album that deserves a listen and will be enjoyed? Yes!   What it does show Triggerfinger on Colossus have been brave, creative and is allowing the sound to evolve rather than trapped in a retro groove.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. Colossus
  2. Flesh Tight
  3. Candy Killer
  4. Upstairs Box
  5. Afterglow
  6. Breathlessness
  7. That’ll Be The Day
  8. Bring Me Back A Live Wild One
  9. Steady Me
  10. Wollensak Walk

Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions



Catch TRIGGERFINGER on the following dates:

Wednesday 4th October – Hope & Ruin, Brighton – TICKETS
Thursday 5th October – Key Club, Leeds – TICKETS
Saturday 7th October – King Tuts, Glasgow – TICKETS
Sunday 8th October – Cluny, Newcastle – TICKETS
Monday 9th October – Deaf Institute, Manchester – TICKETS
Tuesday 10th October – The 100 Club, London – TICKETS


Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions

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