Tramshed A Conspiracy of Stars With UFO

UFO A Consiracy of Stars tour at Tramshed Cardiff
Photo Credit Mike Evans

Tramshed A Conspiracy of Stars With UFO

Opening with We Belong tonight the fans were delighted in a packed Tramshed tonight as UFO set off in cracking form following the opening rock from Russia with Red’s Call. The audience wanted lots of UFO classics it’s a Wednesday night and we all want to Rock out with the tunes that revitalize and remind us of our youth. UFO delivered that with a set list that toured through their Back Catalogue. Spanning the years from Phenomenon in the early seventies through to the latest A Conspiracy of Stars released last year.

The line-up of musicians may have changed but the core trio of vocalist Phil Mogg, drummer, Andy Parker with keys and guitar, Paul Raymond ensure that the heavy rock remains a constant, lead guitarist Vinnie Moore and bassist  Rob De Luca are UFO 2016. Phil was full of witty comments that the Cardiff crowd responded to with chants of Moggy Moggy Moggy! This was old school banter and hit the mark with the audience he can do this as he still can sing and pull the crowds deep into the heavy depths of the UFO sound.  As the evening warmed so did Phil’s vocals as they got stronger as the set progressed with the keys adding that extra dimension with cascading chords through the tracks.

Tonight, was about the band everyone was here to enjoy rock live and UFO delivered with song after song the set list was an exploration of the UFO sound.  For many tonight’s performances of  Run Boy Run and Messiah Of Love was the first opportunity to hear tracks from the new album and they fitted in fine, heavier than the sounds of the eighties, reflecting 21st Century rock. The rendition of Venus tonight was superb followed by exciting mounting songs, Only You Can Rock Me, Burn Your House Down and Cherry. Tonight Makin’ Moves was once again heard live in Cardiff having been given its first airing October 1980 at Sophia Gardens and many here tonight will remember that evening. Lights were certainly veering off tonight, the music was shining through and the choruses were sung with vigour and pure pleasure.

Triplet Encore that had the Tramshed cheering with excitement and pure joy, as Doctor, Doctor was followed by two numbers from 1975 album Force It, Shoot Shoot and closing with Mother Mary.

UFO, landed in Cardiff not with aliens but Heavy rock that has the riffs and chorus lines that we recognize and it is was a fiery performance as we came home to live music that spans the decades and so many memories of good times shared with UFO.

Bluesdoodles gives a big shout out and thanks to Mike Evans for his stunning photographs.


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Setlist – Tramshed A Conspiracy of Stars With UFO

We Belong to the Night – Mechanix
Ain’t No Baby – Obsession
Run Boy Run – A Conspiracy of Stars
Lights Out – Lights Out
Venus – Walk on Water
Only You Can Rock Me – Obsession
Burn Your House Down – Seven Deadly
Cherry – Obsession
Love To Love – Lights Out
Too Hot to Handle – Lights Out
Messiah of Love – A Conspiracy of Stars
Makin’ Moves – The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent
Rock Bottom – Phenomenon

Doctor Doctor – Phenomenon
Shoot Shoot – Force It
Mother Mary – Force It

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