Tramshed celebrating Southern Rock via Texas and Nashville

Cadillac Three CR-5598Tramshed celebrating Southern Rock via Texas and Nashville

Whiskey Myers & The Cadillac Three

Perfect Saturday in Cardiff!


The rain fell in torrents but who cared as the doors opened and the crowds poured into Cardiff’s latest venue Tramshed, in the shadow of the railway line and Millenium Stadium on the edge of the River Taff running in full torrent. The music tonight conquered all. Why? Tramshed celebrating Southern Rock via Texas and Nashville.

Before the music a bit about The Tramshed. With a warm welcome the main bar was open to meet with friends, chat and stay dry before the venue’s doors opened. The queue was dealt with quickly, the staff smiling and the security a friendly bunch. The interior is painted the deepest back and the bar at one end, impressive sound desk and then the stage at the other end.  I have to say the Ladies – I always check them out at venues were spacious airy and very clean. Tramshed is a five star venue that is getting the attention it so deserves and is just what Cardiff needs to attract the attention of touring bands to come across the River Severn. Whiskey Myers & The Cadillac Three were assured a warm Welsh welcome from the capacity audience tonight.
Tramshed walls black as night, the auditorium filling quickly, excited chatting, greeting of friends, the stage is set Drums, Keys, mics and pedal boards. Tramshed is alive with anticipation and waiting for Saturdays double helping of Southern rock.

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Opening was Whiskey Myers from Texas. The six members strode on stage picked up instruments and played and Cardiff cheered and rocked with Southern fueled music. The interplay between the two sometimes three guitarists was brilliant, reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Vocalist  Cody Cannon sometimes added a third guitar but it worked best for me when he had the microphone in hand. A new band for me, but they certainly knew how to excite and many were singing along. This Maelstrom of Southern Rock was the perfect antidote to the drenching we all got walking into The Tramshed. The sound at The Tramshed was spot on from the front middle and back of this venue raising the stakes for Cardiff. The interplay within Whiskey Myers was superb with the beat of the drum the band soared, guitar breaks, searing riffs keys and the interspersed addition of saxophone. This was a driving beat towards the main event of the night Cadillac Three as they bought the current sell-out tour to a close. As they drove the beat on towards Birmingham, Alabama, the atmosphere was as hot as a Southern State. Cody Tate and John Jeffers riffs were joined at the hip – a true lesson in guitar harmonisation. Whiskey Myers certainly got the house rocking.

Cadillac Three CR-5301With a quick change over the stage was set for The Cadillac Three (TC3). Nashville hits Cardiff tonight and we loved every note from the trio comprising Jaren Johnson, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray. TC3 play the music that inspires the band and the delivery is spot on. The interaction between them delivers music that is tight – real tight. The set was high-octane music that just makes you want to party and this we did in Cardiff on the opening of the Six Nations, rugby, and music can it get any better for any weekend in 2016.  There is a swagger about the playing that shapes around the lyrics and the textures and tones vary with the mood of the lyrics.

With no bass player the mix is different and it works, It is great to have a band that breaks the mould this is a trio full of power but not guitar dominated.  Kelby, on the lab steel bends the steel to shape the tone he wants and defies what others achieve. The intricacies of the slide and picking fingers are mesmerizing and are a work of musical art. Then you are drawn back to Neil on the drums with his antics, standing, leaving the drum kit and using the steel of the barrier and then the crowd pleasing roar as the set was drawing toward its climactic end with double drumming from Jaren and Neil. It did not need a second invite for the Welsh to sing-a-long and they did with a mighty voice that at times left the TC3 standing and just listening. They were delighted that they had made the trip down the M4 to bring the tour to such a rousing close in Cardiff.

No set list, the show had a fluid feel as they decided which tracks they were going to play next at a mid-gig conflab. Jaren said their songs were about experiences and Life certainly got the crowds excited. As did the live rendition of their latest single release Graffiti.  This was no playing music by numbers. They played favourites including Peace Love & Dixie, Get Your Buzz On because it feels right and they want to share the music. We all had our Southern Rock talismans tonight thanks to TC3 and Tennessee Mojo. What a set full of energy the music was spellbinding, in-your-face and addictive. The Cadillac Three are definitely addiction that is right. There were breaks to give time to gather our musical thoughts with the trio now a duo Red Light Running was no laid back track it was like a perfectly cooked steak full of juices from the delicious paring of Jaren’s guitar and Kelby’s steel. This was no steam train ride through every track. Jaren had time and delighted in chatting to the audience. The Cardiff audience responded with an answer every time.  Tonight he celebrated an anniversary of his first date with his girlfriend of fourteen years, Cardiff loves a celebration and the electric atmosphere pierced the stratosphere.

The loudest and most sustained and enthusiastic audience participation was for White Lightning, the whole of Tramshed singing tonight compared with the singing so often heard at the Stadium. This was music that cheered Southern Rock that is changing as the TC3 develops and the newer stuff has a country vibe that assures this is a band that will be doing larger and larger venues, but remember Tramshed and Cardiff love The Cadillac 3.

Cadillac 3 on the final night of 2016 tour came out of London to Cardiff. They were greeted with enthusiasm and the trio throughout the set weaved a Southern Rock Tapestry in Cardiff Tonight.  Let’s make Cardiff & Tramshed the place that bands demand to play and be heard at throughout 2016 and beyond.

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