Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet Hawkwind

Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet Hawkwind

Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet Hawkwind

Tonight at the crowded Tramshed in Cardiff another live show promising to be epic as the venue morphed into tonight’s rendition of Planet Hawkwind, as the backdrop invited us in. Now the Machine has arrived in Cardiff as part of The Machine Stops! Released on Cherry Red Records on 15th April. The live concept show from their current studio album based on the Sci-Fi classic. EM Forsters dystopian vision of the future through words, visual effects and the Hawkwind sound tonight promises to be epic. Activate The Machine repeated the opening as the venue lifted off into Hawkwind’s unique and very special universe. The lineup may have changed but the constant in the mix is guitarist Dave Brock. His guitar still has the grinding rhythm that drives deep into the arterial vein of creativity. His backing vocals add depth and is fixed in the collective Hawkwind memory. It is the rhythms that are the grounding of the space prog-rock that defines the band and sets them apart. Tonight on drums who has since 1988 been on the beat is drummer Richard Chadwick and completing the rhythm section is Haz Wheaton who certainly has all the style and flair of a showman on bass. Up front singing and then intoning the poems interspersed throughout the set is Mr Dibs, deep dark and mysterious.

Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet HawkwindThis was an exploration of the album opening and closing the set with tracks The Machine and Lost In Science is that because of the Machine? In between we were treated to a backdrop of machine parts, hexagons and psychedelic mayhem of colours and form. The machine sped off into ‘Utopia’, the kaleidoscopic backdrop whirled drawing you deep into the Hawkwind musical psyche. Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet Hawkwind Into the mix the band dipped into the extensive back catalogue with Utopia from Your Masques, Assault and Battery (Space Hawks) and Orgone Accumulator (Masters Of The Universe). These and other favourites delighted the packed and happy venues all with a shared connectivity through the music. Once the Hawkwind machine got going it didn’t take long before it was a musical drug coursing through your music DNA at a speed of light. Whilst delivering the favourites this band of musicians were pushing the boundaries forward.

Another great night at the Tramshed, full house, great atmosphere and live music tonight it was a prog-rock journey through space, time and form courtesy of Hawkwind. They continue to develop the music keeping in touch with the essence of the musical gale that is free as a bird that is Hawkwind. As promised, the show was epic and everyone left delighted.

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Set List
The Lecture (New Intro)
The Machine
Hail the Machine
Utopia Pt 1 Choose Your Masques
The Underside
Utopia Pt2
Instrumental Wind
King OF The World / In My room
Orgone Accumulator – Masters Of The Universe
Harmonic Hall
Assault & Battery Space Hawks
Void/The Air
Shot Down In the Night
Lost In Science

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